Friday, October 17, 2008

The Price of a Woman's Life PepsiCo is a single can of soda.

Shakesville has another one to add to the unending series of Assvertising and Rape is Hilarious, and this one is making me shake in rage, especially after the the posts of the last few days.

Pepsi has a new ad campaign showing a person being bribed to look the other way and allow another person (and at least one chimp) to do something "naughty" in exchange for a can of Pepsi. The ad evidently is running in France.

There is an image of a trucker giving his truck keys to a chimpanzee in exchange for a Pepsi. The chimp wants the truck full of bananas.

There is an image of a NASA astronaut handing over a space suit to a teenager in exchange for a Pepsi. The kid wants to go on the space shuttle.

Finally, there is an image of a lifeguard handing over a lifeguard shirt to a teenager for a can of soda. The kid is leering at an unconscious woman in a bikini at his feet, gouges in the sand leading back to the shore where she has been dragged out of the water. He obviously intends to have sex with the comatose and possibly dying woman.

Truck of bananas = space suit = woman unable to resist rape. All interchangeable. All fair game to sell some carbonated sugar water. Hey, guys, it's totally cool to grab a Pepsi and walk away while a woman is raped. Really! If she didn't want to get fucked, she wouldn't have worn that bikini or come to the beach or made herself look nice or, ... hell, she's female, she's fuckable, just do her. That's what she's for.

Just another unit of exchange.



Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

OFF-TOPIC: Once again, the state of Georgia is preparing to execute a man whose guilt is very doubtful.

Appeals can be made to the state board of Pardons and Paroles via

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

On-topic: Disgusting. To misquote Jefferson, I tremble for my gender when I reflect that God is just.

Nina Miller said...

I think "direct action" needs to make a comeback. Waiting for God just doesn't cut it.