Friday, October 03, 2008

When work is not safe for work

Tech support humor at its worst.

The Website is down

Full of offensive images, foul language and stupidity that just won't stop. Sounds like a typical day at the data center.

Oh, and it is NOT safe for work.


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Unknown said...

Think that is satire?

Try and buy a pci card or other peripheral that costs less than $50 and is digitally signed by Microsoft.

Try and buy a router or wireless adapter that runs under Vista 64 bit.

I'm on my third one of the following...

wireless router

wireless adapter card

PCI serial card

voice/FAX/data modem

And don't bother to ask tech support or visit the manufacturer's website. You will be lied to and misinformed.

Basically America is now a place where only chumps expect things to work.