Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh No - He's Your Son of a Bitch

Obama is not a Clinton Democrat. I'm a Clinton Democrat. I voted for Hillary. I picked the candidate who had the best mix of policies for the middle class and who had the best track record of delivering on legislative measures. I picked someone with a decades long record on human rights and promoting heath care reform. Me and the majority of registered Democrats threw our support to Hillary Clinton.

Obama did not come to power because of me. I did not give Obama my primary vote. I constantly pointed out his conservative tendencies in my blog. I did not give him any funds. I did not cast a vote for him in the general - I wrote in Hillary's name. I knew what he was and what he would do since November 2007. I did not fall for his bullshit.


You, David Sirota. You Josh Marshall. You, Jane Hamsher. You, Arianna Huffington, and Markos, and Armando/BTD, and Big Media Matt, and Ezra Klein, and Kevin Drum, and Steve Benen, and Digby, and Jeralyn, and Chris Bowers, and all the rest of you self-proclaimed liberal/progressive/radical types who decided that you should be the arbiters of progressivism.You proclaimed "Out with Bubbas, up with Creatives" and swore your allegiance to Whole Foods Nation. Your idol was The Precious.

You shilled for someone whose political hero is Ronald Reagan. You gave him your votes, your money, your volunteer time, and your seal of approval. You devoted your time and energy to promoting him and brushing away the very valid questions about what he would actually do if he gained the office. You called those of us who dared to ask these questions bitter, low-information, racists, and said we were voting with our cunts. You said that we didn't support Obama because we supported McCain/Palin. You did everything in your power to bully, threaten, shame and intimidate us into going along with your delusional fantasy.

For crying out loud you fucking threw PAUL KRUGMAN under the bus when he didn't drink your poisoned kool-aid!

Obama is your creation, not mine.

He is your son of a bitch, through and through, and is made in your image. He is what he labeled himself - an Obamacan, neither Democrat nor Republican, dedicated to nothings save his own cult of personality. You chose him and made him the media darling you wanted to associate with. You did so knowing exactly what he was, and the single biggest reason you did this was to piss on Bill and Hillary Clinton. All you wanted him to do was beat "that bitch", and it never once occurred to you what your son of a bitch would do when he got into office. This is why I call him The Precious - a beautiful thing that destroys and corrupts everything and everyone it touches.

Don't you presume to call him a Clinton Democrat.



Falstaff said...

It's fun to do one of these rhetorical builds. And since we're into 2008 nostalgia, here was my version of same (in which everything holds up pretty well, except that he did win, thanks to Lehman... but definitely damaging the Democratic Party):

Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Sing it, sister! Damn, it's good to have your voice in the blogosphere again. I have so missed your insights and perspective. Thanks for coming back.

Koshem Bos said...

At least one person with a dick didn't vote for Obama.

pdgrey said...

Thank you for this post. Precious is not my son of a bitch either.

gendergappers said...

Thank you - so many of us out here feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

There was like a week in January 2008 when I was favorably disposed to BO, but reading you, Lambert, and Riverdaughter quickly changed that. As you say, it's pretty rich seeing the blogosphere heavyweights distancing themselves from all of this. You missed my personal favorite, though, Matthew Yglesias, trust-fund darling who's fond of pooh-poohing financial regulation and calling Raul Grijalva the worst monster in history for calling for real health care reform. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Here's my question: If Obama was a Clinton democrat, wouldn't he have supported a Clinton in the White House? Thank you for a good, satisfying rant. I bet none of those you mentioned see themselves as cupable, though.

Terri said...

Hoooo, that felt good! Thank you.

Anonymous said...


They got what they paid for with their very souls I might add, and now regret it big time. And still they engage in CDS saying that its the Clintons' legacy that has led to this destruction by the Stevensonian Dems who had no need for us bitter clingers.

For awhile I started to believe the CDS that was ever so prevalent on AAR (Sirota, Maddow, Rhodes, etc.) and thus I supported Edwards initially. But then the AAR rants of 'just read Obama's books for evidence of his greatness' was just too much to believe.

Anybody who actually researched Obama's record KNEW that he had a history of little action that proved his words and Hillary had over a decade of putting her action where her Liberal mouth was. And even did so in the summer of 2008 with her push to add mortgage relief to the bail out bill. Not the most elegant way of putting it, but for my lower class upbringing this fact strikes at the heart of it: Hillary walked her talk. And Obama just talked, and talks and talks and still talks.

Teresa said...

Okay, let me get this straight....being a "bitch" isn't a bad thing. Being a SON of a bitch is. Just kidding, using your own banner slogan against you.

Yes, it's funny watching the O-bots saying "we just didn't know!!!!"....well it's too bad you didn't listen to those of us who DID know. Will it change their thinking in future elections? Of course not. Being right is a lonely (top) position these days.

Anonymous said...

At least one person with a dick didn't vote for Obama.

Make that two.

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Anglachel. You've been missed.

Anglachel said...


Nope, being a son of a bitch isn't a bad thing, either. All political contests need them. They make things interesting.

I may not like the SOBs on the other side of any given issue, but I have to take them seriously and respect what they bring to the fight. Failure to see what you're dealing with will result in getting your ass handed to you.

As the midterms just demonstrated.


bornagaindem said...

Love the post. I consider it an insult to declare Obama a Clinton democrat. Obama can't hold a candle to either one of them (the clintons). Clinton came in a did what needed to be done in terms of raising taxes and tackling the deficit and it cost him the Congress but put the country on the right track. Then we got frat boy Bush and he managed to undo it all. Frat boy Obama isn't even in the same league as Clinton.

Briar said...

I am disappointed you considered only policies which would help the middle class. Not the working class? Not the workless? Does nobody in American politics acknowledge the millions who are neither rich nor middle class but more or less poor, employed at ordinary jobs that don't require a college education, or struggling to exist at all? Not Obama, at least. I can agree with you on that.

But what about the unrepresented, unwanted, disenfranchised workers?

Unknown said...

I don't begrudge Hillary supporters their fantasies of how much better a President their candidate would have been than the admittedly execrable Obama - by whom I was admittedly suckered. It's their consolation prize for having lost. But it would behoove them to acknowledge that they are purely fantasy - not only not supoorted by her record but actively contradicted by it.

Anglachel said...


For fuck's sake, honey, look at the structure of your argument. Obama pulled the wool over my eyes, so you HRC supporter *must* admit that your support for your candidate was nothing but a fantasy, too. Her record contradicts what she says she stands for because I say so, so you are just as stupid as me for having believed a lying politician.

Uh, no.

HRC has a lifetime record of defending liberal principles and institutions, even when faced by an antagonistic Republican majority. The couple of votes used to pillory her are a drop in the bucket compared to her unstinting work over 4 decades to defend the rights of women and children. Her alleged conservatism is disproved by the body of her work. She is someone who fights to the bitter end, who doesn't indulge in fruitless revenge fantasies, and who is a far, far better human being and legislator than her detractors will ever admit.

I don't need my politicians to be perfect. I need them to consistently support the policies and institutions that defend liberal principles, not just on big flashy news stuff, but in the small, tedious, mundane, laying foundations kind of work.

You, in contrast, have just admitted in front of my reading audience that you are so ignorant you didn't even understand your own candidate's policy positions, even when Paul Krugman was helpfully pointing them out over the course of the campaign.

No, dear. I will not join you in another episode of Bash the Clintons.

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