Friday, July 14, 2006

The Curious Case of Obama Bashing

Haven't quite left town, though I wish I had before I read this morning's round up of posts.

Is it just me, or is there something, well, disturbing about predominantly white, reasonably wealthy, socially secure bloggers going hammer and tongs after a religious black man, to the point where only Liberman and Clinton get more opprobrium heaped on them?

Now, a certain part of it is the anti-DLC cadre who is trying to take over the DLC's power position so they go after the top DLC candidates and do a Rovian smear on them, but I have read more vitriol, more plainly hateful and disdainful posts about Obama than I care too. Posts using barely veiled racist language (One calling him a "young buck" for example. Eeew. Just eew.) Posts implying his religious beliefs are false and therefore show he's just a manipulative politician. Posts by white suburbanites, mind you, accusing him of selling out blacks. Posts accusing him of being blind to the effects of race and power. Posts calling him, for all intents and purposes, an Uncle Tom.

There is something very ugly going on here. Something far out of proportion to what Obama says or does.


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