Thursday, July 06, 2006

Over the Edge They Go

I was waiting to see it happen. Who would be the first to make the beginning and the end of a Democratic candidate's worth for office hinge on their support for Joe Lieberman? The winner is Digby, now begging her readers to harass Barbara Boxer for refusing to renege on a long-time promise to stump for Lieberman.

For the love of Pete. This is like "no tolerance" rules at schools that get kids thrown out for giving someone an aspirin, or drug laws locking people up for years for smoking a joint. There is no sense of proportion.

The Kossack left is gearing up to wage national smear campaigns against your elected officials. To hell with whether you like your candidate or think she's doing a good job for your district. If she doesn't pass the netroots litmus test du jour, she's fair game. In their place, we will have bland, millionaire white men from the 'burbs.

If the "netroots" thinks this is the way to capture the party, setting up purity tests and harassing individual politicians with asinine 'fur us or agin us' positions, they're going to have some interesting backlash to deal with.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, good liberal candidates like Francine Busby go begging for spare change and blog time because all resources are being poured into this disingenuous war for control of power broker positions. You know what? I hope Lieberman wins the primary. I don't want the poster boy for these bullies to get anything.

If I wanted to belong to a band of thugs, I'd join the Republicans.



Anonymous said...

While I appreciate your frustration, and concerns over the fallout (in terms of further energizing of a certain destructive mentality) of a Lamont win, speaking as someone who actually lives in Connecticut, I simply don't want Lieberman representing my state any longer. I (and many other CT residents) aren't making this decision based on a netroots push; we're basing it on our values and Joe's actions. Lamont, at least, shows promise--and if he fails us, then we try again in six years. But we don't need six more of Joe.

Anglachel said...


I appreciate your comments. I am no fan of Lieberman, as my posts can attest, and I hope CT will be sending Lamont to DC come January. What I object to is the way in which supporting Lieberman is being used to attack *my* senator. Boxer is good for my state, even as I think she is wrong to support Lieberman.

I'm really disturbed at the big picture surrounding this race. It doesn't smell right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anglachel,

Thanks for the reply. Agreed re: the big picture. To be honest, I think I've only been to the Kos site once, and don't really pay a lot of attention to that stuff. Most of my exposure to it comes from your blog :) As for Boxer, also agreed--while I am disappointed she is coming here to run the flag for Lieberman, there's no doubt she's an asset to your state and the country generally.