Monday, July 31, 2006

Kitty Update

The kitty plays sphinx.

I haven't mentioned the cat in a while. She is continuing to mend. The shaved patches are growing back in and she can jump up on fairly high things again, allowing her to send stuff crashing to the floor in the wee hours of the morning. She's still a little weak in the hindquarters and I begin to doubt that she'll ever regain her full strength. But she's not in pain and seems happy enough.

All's well that ends well.



Celandine said...

Glad that the kitty is doing okay!


julifolo said...

Sending kitty pets & scritches under the chin. Glad to read she's doing well & being happy & herself. :) I've put this pic as my wallpaper for today, I hope she doesn't mind.

At least for me, with all the aweful stuff happening in the world, the cats help my so-called sanity.

Anglachel said...

The kitty does not appreciate your comments and well wishes as she considers them her due. ;-)

Yes, kitties are a balm for sanity (as long as you aren't allergic!)

Toodles - Ang