Thursday, July 13, 2006

How... Nixonian

Hat tip TPM. My emphasis:

WASHINGTON - In a policy reversal, President Bush has agreed to sign legislation allowing a secret federal court to assess the constitutionality of his warrantless domestic eavesdropping program, a senior Republican senator announced Thursday.

By having the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court conduct the review instead of a regular federal court, the Bush administration would ensure the secrecy of details of the highly classified program. The administration has argued that making details of the program public would compromise national security.

However, such details could include politically explosive disclosures that the government has kept tabs on people it shouldn't have been monitoring.

Spying on political enemies, no doubt. Who else would it be monitoring?

As I have said before, unless you accept the premise that there can be a loyal opposition, you cannot have western democracy. These guys and all their boot-licking enablers in the press won't accept that propostion. They really do think that people who tell them they are wrong are traitors to be persecuted and disposed of.


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