Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bilbray *is* under grand jury investigation

It turns out that Bilbray is lying his ass off out here in San Diego. He's under Grand Jury investigation for perjury on his candidate registration info for the 50th district. As I said in an earlier post, Bilbray claims as his primary residence his mother's house in Oceanside, which is in hte 50th district. The problem is that he claims his house in Imperial Beach (other end of the county) as his legal residence, too, for California state tax purposes. Oh, and his house in Virginia. He says that's his legal residence in order to claim in-state college tuition for his kids.

When challenged by Francine Busby, the Democrat running against him, to come clean on whether he was Grand Jury investigation, he said no. Another big lie, as one of the grand jury witnesses has stated publicly that it's true.

So, he has lied about being investigated and he is lying about living in Oceanside. Here's the irony of the entire matter. A representative does not have to live in the geographic boundaries of his or her district. The person only has to live in the state. It is tradition that leads us to expect the person lives in the district.

Bilbray lied about living in his mother's house to try to bullshit residents of the 50th district that he lived there when he never had to make the claim at all. Talk about pathetic.

He'll probably squeak through, but I think his days are numbered. Once convicted for perjury, he'll be off to the clink, just like Cunningham, the Rethuglican criminal who previously held the seat.


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Anonymous said...

According to a Union-Tribune article, the grand jury was asked to investigate two complaints:
1) Busby complained about Bilbray's voter registration, and
2) Bilbray complained about Busby's public appeal for the votes of illegal immigrants.

One of Busby's supporters decided to publicize his grand jury testimony. I think he's within his legal rights to tell the public about his testimony, but not sure he's supposed to talk about the purpose of the grand jury investigation.

FWIW, neither complaint was worth the waste of time by the grand jury. Busby misspoke (I hope it was not intentional). And Bilbray can be registered in Oceanside or Carlsbad or Coronado or pretty much wherever he wants to be -- there are about 20 different criteria and a voter only has to meet one for a legal registration.

Plus Bilbray registered in the 50th district in June 2005, long before Cunningham was indicted, or resigned. So what's the point?