Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Rude One Nails It

Polls look good for the Democrats, but we've got Diebold and dirty Rethuglican vote suppression tricks to deal with, so I expect gains and potentially a sliver of a majority in the House, but not much else. Lieberman will side with whomever gets a majority, of course.

I'm with the Rude Pundit on this election:
Fuck them for trying to make us believe that America's acts of mass destruction, its bumblings into conflagration and apocalypse, in Iraq are actually just speed bumps, commas, if you will, on the road to a peaceful world of democratic nations bowing down to blow the cock of American hegemony.

Fuck them for holding themselves up as arbiters of morality and when they were confronted with a simple moral equation, they cast their lot with savages and genocidal maniacs. No, not the embryonic stem cell research vote, you backwards ass anti-science fundamentalist fucks. On torture and judicial rights, where even those who proclaimed themselves defenders of the detained and imprisoned ended up dancing like slut marionettes on a puppet pole in the Oval Office when it came down to actually, say, defending the detained and imprisoned.

Fuck them for making Americans fucking hated around the world, as if we're all ex-Nazis or, maybe more accurately, members of Pinochet's Chilean army back in the day, squandering the real triumph of America as a beacon of rights and fairness. However unreal that image was, it's better than being "that big ass country that tortures innocent people."

You people who vote for these criminals and amoral bastards, do you really enjoy being a bunch of brainless patsies whose political figures lie, rob and screw their way through their not-short-enough periods in office? Your grandchildren will one day ask about what you did during the fascist period, and you will look at the darlings and LIE, LIE, LIE that you never voted for them.


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