Saturday, November 25, 2006


I cannot believe this.

Regular readers of my blog know about my cat. I think you can tell that I love my cat and go to great lengths to keep her happy and healthy. In return, she refrains from pissing on the furniture and shredding the drapes. I think it's a good exchange.

Here's a picture of her in one of her favorite poses, being cuddled like a baby by my husband while he cruises the internet on his laptop. You can see the shaved spot on her leg where her IV was attached. This was while she was recovering from her surgery in June.

Some busybody crawled though the shrubbery at the front of my apartment, peered in my window, and saw that Miss Piss had some kind of runny gunk under one eye. She get's this from time to time when she's been trawling for cobwebs under the furniture. I wipe it off with tissue and she's set for a few weeks until she decides it's time to get junk in her eyes again.

This busybody submits an anonymous "tip" to the SPCA that we are absuing our pet because she has some gunk about 3 millimeters across stuck under one eye. No, really. So we are visited by the animal control cop to "evaluate" the situation. On a Saturday night. With threats of arrest if we don't let the bastard confirm there is nothing of substance to the complaint. He demands our vet's name and phone number. Oh, and they will pay follow up visits for as long and as many times as someone anonymously complains.

No fucking joke. A cat with a runny eye is grounds for invading my home at night on a weekend to make sure she isn't suffering abuse. There are children with bruises on their faces and their bones sticking through their shirts who can't get Child Protective Services to give them the time of day, but God help anyone whose pet gets some dust in its eye.



Anonymous said...



I'm sorry I can't come up with a more eloquent reply...


julifolo said...

With neighbors like that, I think I'm glad you're moving soon.

I'm always in favor of cat pictures, but argghh!!

I wonder about the real agendas of 1) that busybody 2) government priorities

Celandine said...

That is absolutely frickin' ridiculous. What idiots. Both the neighbor and the Animal Control people.

Celandine said...

PS -- I have this blog fed to my LJ and clearly it is WAY behind for some reason, because today was the first time I saw this post!