Thursday, November 30, 2006

Catastophic Success

Bush's Iraq War will go down as the single worst foreign policy disaster in American history. And we haven't even seen the end of it. It is going to be one of the worst policy disasters of the last 200 years, mostly because there was no reason for it to have happened at all.

What is possibly unique about it is the way in which the ordinary media was so thoroughly complicit in bringing it about. Hearst's drum-beating for the Spanish-American War has nothing on the ongoing barrage from Fox, Wall Street Journal, etc. They have succeeded in throwing the nation into a catastrophe whose outlines they are now only dimly perceiving.

The media, more than any other interest group in America, slavered over the prospect of war. Years too late, they are finally realizing that actions have consequences. Does a single rah-rah pro-war reporter understand the socio-economic and political ramifications of this opinion piece by Nawaf Obaid? Saudi Arabia is now commanding our elected officials to fly to the Kingdom for orders on what they shall and shall not do.

When the history of Bush's Folly is set down in full, a special corner of hell will be reserved for the media enablers.


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