Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gary Trudeau - The best war coverage

Breaking our hearts as he shows us the truth:


This starts on Monday, November 26. Read that week and the next and keep on until the story line is done.

Trudeau's cartoon arcs on Bush's War are better than his magnificent work during Vietnam and the downfall of Nixon. The feckless administration, led by C+ Augustus and his ever-more-battered centurion helmet. The new breed of war profiteers, exemplified by Earl. The toothless press with their mascot, Roland Headley. People like Joanie and Mike and Mark who wonder how the world they won back from Nixon has become even more nightmarish. The children trying to find a cause in a world with out foundations. And then there is BD. And Boopsie. And Ray. And Elias. And Melissa.

And now Toggle.


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