Saturday, February 09, 2008

Huckabee, Caucuses and Media Whores

I think the real political story story tonight is Huckabee winning all three Republican contests.

McCain was polling well ahead of Huckabee in Washington State (52% to 22% among likely caucus goers), yet (with over 1/3 of precincts reporting), Huckabee is up by 4%. McCain may yet pull it out, but it's not likely. Huckabee won 60+% of the Kansas vote and is at 45+% in Louisiana. That wasn't supposed to happen.

As for the Democratic contest, Obama won Louisiana on the AA vote as everyone expected him to do, and did more poorly than usual with white voters, which made his winning margin narrower than expected. He won the Washington caucuses by the expected margin. There are no polls on Nebraska so there isn't anything to compare it to. In short, Barry underperformed his numbers by a bit and continued to win in states with small Democratic turn outs and few Electoral College votes. No surprises here folks.

I'm trying to figure out where to get numbers for total turn-outs for the caucus states so I can do some tangerine to oranges comparisons, instead of apples to oranges. Also, from here on out, I will NOT be using the MSNBCcrosstabs for my electoral analysis. I'm not giving the bastards any site traffic or support after the Shuster shit.

I agree with Armando on TalkLeft that Josh Marshall is simply a liar. Marshall is so deeply in the tank for The Golden One that he compulsively spins everything Hillary does as some horrible crime against humanity, and that she has no legitimate grounds for defending herself or her family because, y'know, they're Clintons. It is really horrifying to watch someone who was once an incredibly insightful and thoughtful liberal blogger turn into such a media whore. Once, TPM was my home page, the first thing I saw in the morning when I opened up my web borwser. Now, I won't go anywhere near it.


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