Friday, February 08, 2008

I wonder what the email looked like...

So, NBC news has acted fast on Shuster calling Chelsea Clinton a prostitute and her mother a pimp (from TalkLeft):


On Thursday's "Tucker" on MSNBC, David Shuster, who was serving as guest-host of the program, made a comment about Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton campaign that was irresponsible and inappropriate. Shuster, who apologized this morning on MSNBC and will again this evening, has been suspended from appearing on all NBC News broadcasts, other than to make his apology. He has also extended an apology to the Clinton family. NBC News takes these matters seriously, and offers our sincere regrets to the Clintons for the remarks.

Steve Capus
NBC News President

Can you imagine what their email and phone responses to Shuster's filthy comment must have been like to have taken such drastic action so quickly?

This is the mistake that both the netroots bloviators and the MSM constantly make and no amount of polls, election results or just plain slapping them will get them to understand: The majority of Americans LIKE Hillary Clinton. A lot. And we've voted for her. And even most of those who voted for Obama like Hillary Clinton a lot.

They just don't get it that we dont' share their inside the beltway, part of the Big Media Boyz Club contempt for HRC. They don't understand that their perspective is the one that is out of touch and unappealing. They read some poll from months back that sid HRC had high negatives, which reinforced their own bias, and have never bothered to check with public opinion since then. They project their own opinions outwards and then are shocked to find out that millions of Americans think they are full of shit.


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Anonymous said...

I sent a ton of emails today to Hardball, MSNBC, the senior vice president, and the president of NBC News. I also forwarded along their contact information to my friends. I'm glad HRC is finally standing up to MSM and won't participate in any MSNBC debates.