Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog Updates

I've updated the blog links to the right. The blogs I've selected are those that appeal to me for more than just the current election and which I intend to keep reading long after November is past. I won't be linking to the A-List Blogger Boyz ever again.

I've added a section just for sites centered on electoral politics. There's odds and ends in the last links section. I have both an RSS and an Atom link, courtesy Feedburner, in that section, plus links to my Tolkien fanfiction novel Hands of the King.

I rarely reply to comments on the blog and I don't comment on other blogs. Why? The biggest reason is time. The second is a little more complex. One of the reasons why some previously solid and interesting bloggers have gone so totally off the rails is the desire to be part of the "in crowd" and get virtual hugs and pats (and other favors) for saying what is popular, including what is popularly "controversial". The need to get the hits, rack up the comments, be cross-linked, etc., does something to your perspective. It's not just Left Blogistan that is affected, of course; I see this pattern of behavior wherever online "communities" are formed. It is just extending the very human desire to belong into a new medium. It's the foundation of both salutory collective action and destructive tribalism.

I have enough to do to maintain those relationships and communities in the physical universe (see reason number one), so I'm not really interested in expanding them online. I have finally extricated myself from the psychotic mind-fuck that is the Tolkien fandom and I'm not really eager to go that route again.

This blog is simply my space for saying what comes to mind. Thanks for reading along.



Peregrine said...

Hi Anglachel, I'm new to the whole blog world but I'm a bit of an intellectual snob (I appreciate well-written posts and good manners), so I very much enjoy reading what you write. I've just started my own little rant space, mostly to stay sane since many of my friends are besotted by Obama and I'm an unapologetic Hillary supporter. It does help to have an outlet.

Thank you for your pleasant prose and clear analysis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anglachel! I'm new to the blog world too. I only joined because I was sick of the MSM and your blog was one of the first I found online even before Riverdaughter and Taylor Marsh. Getting caught up in online networks and "relationships" is just unhealthy but you seem really cool and I'd love to meet you someday if I ever visit SoCal (which won't be soon). Enjoy your weekend.

cls said...

Anglachel, thanks for the wonderful posts. Like you, I've been whittling my blogroll to remove the BloggerBoyz and add those blogs that I feel are really worth my time. Thanks for the link. I'm proud to be on your blogroll. I love your blog and find your posts well written and well researched. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your posts. Appreciate your take on things, and I enjoy reading them.

Anonymous said...

Anglachel, I'm honored to be added to your blogroll. Thank you.

I've just discovered you recently and am utterly delighted by your analysis and writing.

Thank you again.

(Reclusive Leftist)