Saturday, March 22, 2008

Note to Commenters

A few people aren't reading very carefully.
  1. I have no idea if Obama is racist. That's not my claim and, at some level, I really don't give a shit what he thinks. He claims as mentor and advisor a person whose public statements and acts meet my criteria for being racist, but who offends me far more for being dismissive of four decades of social, economic and poilitical work done by the Left. This is Obama's problem, not mine. I look at observable events and draw political conclusions.
  2. His campaign is deliberately using false and incendiary accusations of racism as a campaign strategy. This is proved by the campaign memo he confirmed was true (Nevada debate) directing his staff to try to cast everything possible as racist attacks and smears. There is also the fact that he and his campaign are doing just that. Obamacan refusal to acknowledge facts is not the same as refuting them.
  3. Obama's deliberate deployment of false claims of racism is going to affect politics long after the campaign is over, no matter the outcome. My arguments are about the tactic, the effect it is having on this specific campaign and what the longer term effects of instrumentalizing race will be on the Democratic Party. It is part of my long term interest in analyzing and theorizing progressive/Left politics in America.
  4. I apply Hillary rules to Obama. Anything controversial said by anyone in his campaign at any level is as good as said by him unless followed immediately by a swift and unequivocal firing. Any tactics used by the campaign are authorized by him. Any lie that comes out of his campaign was concocted by him. Anything any of his surrogates says (however unconnected that "surrogate" to the campaign) is something they were directed to say by him. It's his campaign. He sets chooses the tactics and sets the tone. Sauce, goose, gander.
  5. Whatever strategy Obama uses, this does not justify criticism of AA votes for him. As I keep repeating, I see nothing wrong or even unusual in strong turn-out by African Americans for a competitive black candidate. I compare it directly to the strong turnout of women voters for Hillary because it is done for much the same reason - a constructive, party-strengthening, joyful identification with an historic candidate. I see the massive turnout in the primaries as a completely salutory phenomenon for the Democratic Party and for the nation. People who want to criticize AAs for voting for Obama can keep their opinions to themselves. I am not a sympathetic audience. I am looking at the effect of the campaign on voting patterns, and have no interest in condemning voters. Party leaders are whole 'nuther kettle of fish...
  6. Nothing personal, but don't assume I am on your side or agree with you because I say something you want to hear. This is my jaundiced opinion of the world and the current campaign. People who think I'm great right now will probably be upset with things I say down the road. People offended by what I am saying may find themselves in agreement at another time.



Cathy said...

Great post (or should I say a series of great posts). I've enjoyed forwarding several of them -- with full credit of course - to my friends.

I especially applaud this post with your refusal to back down in the face of both criticism and praise. It's speaks volumes about your principles.

Anonymous said...

Between you, Riverdaughter and others, I've starred too many posts to count. Thank you all for the counterbalance.

Anonymous said...

Great post, and very apt points. I particularly like applying Hillary rules to Obama. It's about time that someone did. This is the first campaign of my lifetime (and I'm 54) when I've seen one candidate be expected to climb barefoot uphill with both hands tied behind her back and a smile on her face. The obstacle course I had to run in Basic Training was a piece of cake by comparison.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been very bothered by all the claims of racism against Clinton. I didn't have any proof that Obama's campaign was behind them - given the breadth and depth of Hillary haters who are forever looking for ways to brand her as worse than Stalin, finding an author would be pretty hard - but I do blame him for not denouncing them and rejecting them, even in his "seminal" speech on race.

I have also noticed that pretty much nobody criticizes AAs for voting for Obama (and I don't), but many people tend to discount or slime women who vote for Hillary because she's a woman. You're right: sauce, goose, gander.

Above all, though, I want to thank you for one of the handful of political web sites which isn't contaminated by HDS.

gendergappers said...

I believe that many come to this site to read something expressed that they have found from their own research. We constantly hear a nearly united msm spinning almost everything in favor of BO to the point that he can do nothing wrong and HRC can do nothing right. Sites like this give hope and hope is about all we have. Thanks to Anglachel and comments.

Bud White said...

Superb post. I tackled the same subject:

Obama done himself and the party much damage. Will progressives finally reject ALL bigotry?

Anonymous said...

In your second point, is the memo you're referencing the one using the Obama campaign's SC press secretary Amaya Smith as the contact? The one writtin about in this post, for example? (Has full memo)

Or, is this another such memo?

If so, do you have a link?

Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Great posts. Hope you had a relaxing weekend.
- cutepeachpanda (formerly known as ccp)