Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breathing Room

I go to work for one day and a massive debate breaks out in the comments. That'll teach me.

Great comments, great questions, great debates. I am going to have to take some time to read and think about what people have presented. One quick reply to some general confusion - this post was a straightforward thought experiment, me putting down things that have been coalescing for a while but still aren't quite there. I'm not prescribing anything and, strange as it may seem, I'm not really commenting on the current contest except as an instance of a larger and deeper political situation.

Please note that no one has the authority to say "Buzz off," on this blog except me. You post your thoughts, you take your lumps. That said, Chinaberry, I'm asking that you rein in your enthusiasm. Provide space for alternative views and topics not so interesting to yourself personally, and be gracious to the other guests here, just as Hillary would be.

Off to think some more.



Chinaberry Turtle said...

My apologies. Anglachel speaks rather effectively to my "angry inner Bubba." Nevertheless, I should (and will) keep him under lock and key from now on. Also, I apologize for pressing discussion of a topic that did not interest the community. My bad - won't do it again.

Anonymous said...

Chinaberry, please don't reign yourself in too much. You have a great deal to say that no one else is really saying. It is valid, and it should be talked about. I, for one, would really hate to see you go. Maybe just tone it down a bit, as Anglachel mentioned.

I was born and raised in Oregon, but my parents are Dirt Bowl Okies through and through. Their families came here during the depression. I've found that there attitudes are much closer to people in the South than to those out here in the West, though they've lived here since high school. So I happen to share your beliefs about loyalty to your spouse. It's what I was taught, and even though I turned out to be a lesbian, it's just as true for me in my relationships.

What this means politically, and with respect to HRC, I don't know. So many people seem to blame HRC for staying with Bill. But I think that just as good a case can be made for her staying and trying to keep her family together. It's not the choice everyone would have made. But she's the one that has to live with it, not us. I don't think we can judge.

Chinaberry Turtle said...

If any of my previous comments gave the impression that I harbor any resentment toward HRC because she stayed w/ Bill, that is quite the opposite of what I intended. She was a wronged woman and whatever choice she made thereafter is the right choice for her and I respect it. All of my resentment was aimed at Bill, none toward Hillary at all. She's kind of a heroic figure to me.