Wednesday, April 09, 2008

That Giant Sucking Sound

Was made by Howard Dean's testicles retracting up into his body when he read what Elizabeth Edwards had to say:

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former presidential candidate John Edwards, remains unwilling to endorse either of the two remaining Democratic contenders, but the health care advocate told ABC News she preferred Sen. Clinton's health plan to Sen. Obama's.

In an interview with "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts, airing Wednesday, Edwards - who recently began work as a senior fellow at the liberal think tank, the Center for American Progress - said she believed Clinton's health care plan was more inclusive than that of the Illinois senator.

"You need that universality in order to get the cost savings ... I just have more confidence in Sen. Clinton's policy than Sen. Obama's on this particular issue," she said.

As to how the contentious Democratic nomination will end, Edwards said she thought letting the race end at the convention was a good idea.

"I don't actually think it's a bad idea to have an open convention, where we actually got to hash out what the differences [between the candidates] were and how important they are," she said. Edwards said she liked the idea of Clinton and Obama running together on a so-called dream ticket, and discounted the idea of her husband, John, accepting a place as either candidate's running mate.

"[Clinton and Obama] are the two strongest Democrats running. It's hard not to believe that together they are stronger than they would be apart."

Elizabeth Edwards Backs Clinton Health Care Plan
OK, I think Elizabeth hit the trifecta here:

  • Hillary's health care plan is better than Obama's, just like Paul Krugman has been telling us
  • Not only is a long campaign not a problem, but it should be settled at the convention, not before it
  • A unity ticket is a great bet, and I don't think she's looking at The Precious for the #1 slot

Now, are the Blogger Boyz going to attack Elizabeth Edwards for taking the stance that Hillary supporters have been saying all along? Are Dean and the rest of the bozo parade from the DNC going to take swipes at this women?

Who will show himself to be a fauxgressive?



Anonymous said...

I haven't checked this out for myself because it will just make me angry, but I read that a ton of Obamabots have logged onto ABCNews among other news sites just to criticize Elizabeth for supporting Clinton's health care plan. WOW. You know no woman is safe when the Obamabots are willing to sh*t on a sweet woman with cancer. Now we know this isn't JUST about Clinton as the Obamabots always use as an excuse for their sexism. They ALWAYS say, we're not sexist, it's just that we dislike Clinton not ALL women. REALLY??? I am waiting to read the Obamabots on TPM and DailyKos and watch Obamamann on MSNBC put Elizabeth in the "whore" category with Hillary. How DARE she promote universal health care or ANY idea from Clinton? I guess Elizabeth is officially an old, ugly, racist along with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

... Was made by Howard Dean's testicles retracting up into his body when he read what Elizabeth Edwards had to say ...

Thank you for that laugh. I scared the shit out of my cat, I'll have you know.

Woman, I lurve you.

*continues to giggle fitfully off and on for the rest of the night*

Anonymous said...

Yes, Howard and Donna are having a hard time hijacking this election when so many people just won't cooperate! :-)

My Name Is Earl said...

Yes of course the Obamabots will attack Elizabeth Edwards. At the least they'll say she's not relevant because her husband is out of the race or something. And if they get really ugly it won't surprise me at all.

gendergappers said...

Howard has testicles?

Unknown said...

Almost spilled my coffee onto the keyboard. Thanks, for that. I beg to differ because in my humble opinion. this occured during the HOWL incident and Dean the Putz has been taking hormone replacement therapy ever since. The suking sound could be the result of the entire Democratic party being sucked into the giant OBAMAVOID. A great laugh and I'm sure Dean et,al. were stunned never the less. It's sort of a (non seeming) but in truth an endorsement of HRC.........Howl!

Chinaberry Turtle said...

So, why doesn't Ms. Edwards (or Mr. Edwards for that matter) just come out and endorse Hillary? It's clear that she's the candidate for real health care reform and the one who actually gives a shit about the working poor.

What's holding the Edwards family back?

Shainzona said...

Turtle...I would imagine the Edwards don't want the crap that would come at them should they endorse either candidate. Elizabeth has already been called out at DKos for this simple, but highly relevant statement.

They don't need, nor, I suspect, want even worse.

Hank Gillette said...

Elizabeth has already been called out at DKos for this simple, but highly relevant statement.

Could you provide a cite? The only post criticizing Ms. Edwards I saw was one that said mandates were not an effective way to get universal coverage.

Personally, I'm quite content for Ms. Edwards to say whatever she wants about anybody's health care plan.

I'm even OK if she endorses Senator Clinton. I won't call her a traitor or anything.

Shainzona said...

I can't go to Kos myself (I'm on strike) but the diary critized her for her support of the Clinton plan - it was titled something like Elizabeth Edwards is wrong - or something like that.

If you can prove my statement wrong, please do.

Shainzona said...

hank gilette...riverdaughter does the work for us.

Go here for Daily Kooks comments re: Elizabeth and the Clinton Health Care Plan.

Shainzona said...

Chinaberry Turtle said...

Here ya go Hank:

I think this shows a lack of integrity on Elizabeth’s part. I really liked her very much.. But to me she could have worked with Obama. It feels and smells like that Edwards have really sold their souls to the devil in working for any part of the Clinton machine….

Like the above commenters said, go to riverdaughter for the links and stuff.

The most interesting part of the passage above is:

"she could have worked with Obama"

Ummm ... no she couldn't. To me, this really shows one of the most fundamental differences between Obama and Hillary.

Somehow, this Obama supporter believes that if Ms. Edwards and Obama could just hold hands alone in a room for an hour or so, all their problems could be worked out.

Ummm ... no they can't. She's for a universal mandate; he isn't. That's a fundamental difference. There's no "working it out." One side wins, one side loses. So many Obama supporters just don't get that.

If I were an Obama supporter and somehow idealogically wed to the concept of no mandates (which, of course, none of them are), I wouldn't want him "working it out" with someone who is in favor of mandates. Which brings me to my conclusion of this whole campaign:

Most Obama supporters aren't really FOR anything! Just like the Precious isn't really FOR anything. It's easy to say you're gonna "work things out" with the opposition when you don't stand for anything!

Chinaberry Turtle said...

... in case there are any late-comers to this blog, "the Precious" is an Anglachel trademark. Didn't mean to use w/o attribution.

YAB said...

Cheers to Edwards. Who cares anymore about Kos - or the Obamanuts?

But re the Unity ticket: 2 months ago, definitely yes. Now: no.

1. Obama/Clinton
Won't fly. She has a lot of courage & smarts & loyalty, but I don't think even she could spend 4 years defending policies of which she doesn't approve - and I have yet to figure out what, if anything, Obama would be willing to fight for.
Besides, it's too much like going back 40 years to the Executive who survives only because his secretary has brains.

2. Clinton/Obama
I don't think Obama will go for it under any circumstances. He feels entitled to be President, and I suspect he would throw a tantrum if somebody tried to convince him to do it.

The Repugs would have two targets: all the usual CDS plus Wright and "likable enuf" and "typical white person", etc. (How long would it take before some reporter asks Obama how he feels about being 2nd banana to a "typical white person".)

Lastly, for Hillary, it would be like working with Brutus. She'd probably need a full-time aide in the White House to do damage control.

Yea, I know I'm being nasty here, but months of slurs and worse can do that to a feeling homo sapiens.

gendergappers said...

Since AAR, Air America Radio became AOR, Air Obama Radio or AHHR, Air Hate Hillary Radio, it has lost many listeners who once were loyal and delighted to have Liberal talk to listen to.

Thom Hartman, who isn't too badly biased took a 3 minute poll on the air yesterday asking who you would vote for. The total was 80+ for BO and single digits for HRC.

No surprise there as the callers to AAR have long been overwhelmingly similar to blogs like DK.

While Real Clear Politics has been showing an increases for HRC, the cable guys all reported on one poll that showed a decrease.

Anonymous said...

Well, what with the bomb that Obama dropped tonight going over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl, Ol' Howie's nuts must have retracted up into the ozone layer by now.

Anonymous said...

janiscortese, I was just about to post on here about Obama's gaffe. He just doesn't get it at all! Now he's calling Clinton supporters bitter and angry to explain why anyone would rather vote for Clinton or McCain over him. What an arrogant jerk. You should also go to The Confluence and read what he said about why pro-lifers are siding with him and why that can also be offensive to the rest of us who DO support a woman's right to choose and think that is a VERY important issue.

barrypropaganda said...

Hello. Thank you so much for that laugh. I had just watched the mad as hell video and the site of Beck saying "IT" was beyond revolting. I have watched since day one and never saw that or the FOX announcer laughing at the "white women" comment. Does anyone know his name of the name of the woman sitting there laughing? Did anything happen about this? How is calling someone a wh-re worse than referring to someone as a nonperson. How is he still on the air? Oh well. Thank you for the laugh.