Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is What a Democrat Sounds Like

Jeralyn at TalkLeft has linked to a long and fantastic interview Hillary did with the Indianapolis Star.

I'm not embedding it here, but I encourage everyone to go over and watch it and post some comments at TalkLeft. (watch out for funny play controls on the player. You have to click the "On Demand" button.) I rarely watch online videos, but I sat enraptured for the hour or so that it ran. I lost track of time. Good grief but this woman is impressive! Some take aways:
  • China. Holy shit. The US is in for some serious trouble if we don't get on the ball with regard to this country. Hillary's run down on the nature of our relations with China (political, economic, military) left me with my jaw on the floor. She really does know this stuff inside and out and knows exactly how to relate it to the specific audience she is addressing. When I read sneers about how she is just pandering to the audience, I have to reply, No, doofus, she is educating them. She is making them aware of things in the nation and the world that they may have wondered about but did not understand in context. She pointed out how our economic and national security are threatened by talking about a plant in Indiana that produced industrial magnets for the military - until it was purchased and moved to China. Hello? Why is anyone surprised that working class voters listen intently at her speeches and like what they hear?
  • The "young vote". She was challenged about how she's not attracting young voters. She pointed out that she has won the youth vote in California and Texas (thank you Latinas!) and has been on parity in other states. She also turned the question back on the reporter by identifying the class divisions within this group, talking about young working families, people who are not in college, and people who have joined the military often to save money for college. Not every youth" is a white male philosophy student from Notre Dame, y'know.
  • Bill's role in her administration. In this one, she did a subtle push back against the "serving tea" nonsense Obama tried throwing at her. She spoke about the ways in which presidential spouses have always been confidants and advisors to the office holder, a person whose opinion is valued and trusted above all others. She also said she would send him around the world to be an ambassador to repair the damage done by W and restore the nation's standing in the world. Yup, Big Dog's a rock star.
  • Party unity. Hillary gave an impassioned defense of unity, refusing to accept a reporter's challenge about the divisions in the party. She noted that she was a personal friend of John McCain's and respected the man greatly. Then she said, "His ideas are simply wrong." She honored the person while contesting the policies, which is the only way you can fight this guy - on substance. Then Hillary said what a true Democrat does:
    “Anyone, anyone, who voted for either of us should be absolutely committed to voting for the other” in the general election, Clinton said during an hour long meeting with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. “I’m going to shout that from the mountaintops and the valleys and everywhere I can, no matter what the outcome of the nominating process is.”

    ...“no matter what the differences are between Senator Obama and myself, they pale in comparison to the differences we have with Senator McCain and the Republicans.”
    Damn it, Hillary, you better win this thing because you are an incredibly persuasive speaker.
  • Policy differences. She reels off three broad areas of policy in which she differs from Obama (who she kept calling Barack throughout the interview. It was very sweet and big sisterish.) and why her positions were better for the country. What are they? You'll have to listen to the interview. ;-)
  • Iraq timeline. She was asked if she would change her timeline for withdrawal if the situation on the ground changed. She said "NO." and then explained why the the time for US involvement was through. This is a stance she got directly from Wes Clark, who was my choice in the last presidential round and whose name has been bandied about as a possible VP choice. I personally think he is aiming for head of the NSC.

So if you haven't seen the interview, head on over and settle in with some popcorn and scotch for a really impressive hour with one of the smartest, most on the ball, most qualified presidential candidates you will ever see.



CMike said...

This is the first time I've seen Ms. Clinton answer a question at length. I was impressed.

gendergappers said...

Thank you, Anglachel - great that you call this to our attention.

I was disturbed to hear Thom Hartman on AAR insinuate that Hillary was behind putting Rev. Wright "out there to hurt BO". He said it was orchestrated by a "Hillary supporter".

The boyz blogs have been blaming her but they always do that.

She is also being criticized for going on the Factor tonight.

Shainzona said...

It will destroy me if Hillary leaves the campaign and urges her supporters to vote for BO...first because she will have left the campaign, and second, because I can't do that.

I love the lady. But I truly think BO will be a disaster for this country and can't see anyway that I could ever vote for him. (And I have been a lifelong democrat.)

Please, rise, Hillary, rise!

Oh, and gendergapper...you KNOW that Hillary will be blamed for BO losing the GE if he is the nominee. She's damned if she does. And samned if she doesn't.

cls said...

He said it was orchestrated by a "Hillary supporter".

Thom Hartmann needs to catch up. The LAT blog piece that started this whole rumor has an update saying the the woman who organized the event has not declared for anybody.

(UPDATE: Sylvia Smith, the press club president, confirmed today that Reynolds is on the club's speakers committee. She told Michael Calderone on Politico.com that she still doesn't know whom Reynolds supports for president, adding, "Rev. Wright is newsworthy, period.")

And besides, did Hillary put those words in Wright's mouth?

Jeebus on a Triscuit!

gendergappers said...

Thanks for the info Carissa - I'll spread it around, and I urge all of you to respond to these lies against Hillary whenever you can.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Of course, all Barry's foot-in-mouth problems are Hillary's fault!

No Blood for Hubris said...

Dunno about you, but I feel that there has been some major shift in consciousness, politically, in the past few days.

BO? stick a fork in him, he's done. Same for "Same Old Same Old" John McCain.

I think Hillary will win the White House, and win big.

Chinaberry Turtle said...

good god, could this woman be any more prepared to be president? It's almost bizarre the degree of command she has over all the issues.

Is there a similar video of Obama engaging in such lengthy and in-depth Q&A? Seriously, is there anything like this from the Obama camp which showcases him thinking on his feet and answering questions in a deep and meaningful way?

He complained that he wasn't asked substantive questions in the last debate. So why doesn't he go and sit down with a local newspaper like this and answer all their questions for an hour? I would love to see how he answers all these kinds of questions. Not his experts and their position papers, but rather what *HE* knows and what *HE* has to say about all these issues.

Pat Johnson said...

It may sound petulant and premature to say this in late April, but I will not support him should he become the nominee. This man is wholly ambitious and would even consider the severing of a 20 year friendship to get what he wants. He knew what Wright espoused all along and it is disingenuous to say otherwise. His resume is thin, his experience limited, his judgment impaired. I cannot think of one solid reason to vote for this man.
He is lacking in principles and his only platform seems to be "change" followed by hope. Not sure what his supporters see in him.

Stella said...

What convinced me she was the best candidate we have ever had, was when I watched her one hour interview with the Reno Gazette editorial Board and Obama's one hour interview. Wow, she blew me away.
This one was also mind boggling. Her knowledge of subtle policies, facts, implications, history, nuance all of it is just amazing. We have never had a candidate that can speak, speak with intelligence, have core values and never utter an "uh".

What a shame, what a shame if she is not our President. I loved how she took responsibility for her mistake. Bam and to the point. This all while Obama was conducting another performance that was giving the MSM tingles.


cmugirl said...

To be fair, Obama did sit down a few days ago with the same people from the Indy Star. He did better than I expected, though he doesn't even come close to watching our girl.

Hillary reminds me of Martin Sheen as the President in "The West Wing" - he could grab any obscure fact or figure and was able to discuss any topic any time.

I sit in awe of her when I listen to her. As I told the folks on TL yesterday, it's official - I have a girl-crush on her.

Chinaberry Turtle said...

Hey Julie, do you have a link to the Obama sit-down video you referenced? I'd like to watch it. Thanks.

Matt said...

Anybody watch her interview on the O'Reilly factor? He was tough but she did well.

Chinaberry Turtle said...

I just watched her on O'Reilly. Good god she was marvelous! She dealt with his aggressive questioning perfectly. Stayed on the issues and never got derailed, was aggressive right back to O'Reilly, but always stayed cordial and friendly the whole time. It truly looked like the two of them were having a good time, although completely disagreeing w/ each other on the issues.

She was magnificent. She looked fresh - like this was just the first week of the campaign!

Anonymous said...

China, I also watched the clips -- she was SO fucking good. I loved the way O'Reilly kept trying to say "I" when he meant rich people, and she kept dragging it back to "we," reminding him and his viewers that she was also in that tax bracket and would pay more as a result.

You know what I want to do if/when she wins? (I have to hedge like that, or else I'll be fearful or jinxing my girl.) I have to knit her a nice light silk shawl. A really lacey pretty one, one of the round shawls with the knitted-on edging that I love so much. I made one for my sister-in-law here.

I have to make one for Hillary, block it REALLY taut so it's nice and lacey and light, out of a sort of muted peachy-pink variegated yarn. And buy a nice shawl pin for it.

And send it to her. Because I want to. I want to live in a country where I can send a peach-pink knitted silk shawl to THE PRESIDENT. And make a nice sort of lavender and spring green knitted scarf for Chelsea, too.

I just want to live in that country. I want to live in a country where I can knit a lace shawl for my fucking president. And as much as I totally get behind the issues that radfems have with cosmetics and as much as I rarely to never wear them, I want to live in a country where you can buy the same lipstick as that worn by the president. I just want to have that fucking experience once. Just once. I want little girls to start kindergarten under a woman president.

That's all I fucking want. Just that -- just let me knit a lace shawl for a PRESIDENT. not a first lady, a fucking PRESIDENT. I want people to get a haircut and highlights like the president. I want people to emulate her scarves. I want WOMEN to do this, to be able to. I want little girls to play president in addition to house.

Shainzona said...

janiscortese: :>)))

I want to see a female president in my lifetime, too. I admit it. And if it's not Hillary, I probably won't.

Hate to admit it, guys! But it's my truth.

The best part of my desire is that HRC is, IMHO, the BEST presidential candidate I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Pat Johnson said...

I just don't understand the Hillary hatred. She is so much in command of the issues and never seems to lose her stride. I can easily picture her as commander in chief. Him, not so much. His heeing and hawing and stuttering to get an answer out (because he is not sure of how to respond) gets on my nerves. We had to listen to one impaired moron who could not articulate and I want someone who can summon the facts immediately. That's Hillary!

gendergappers said...

WOW! The TV show, "Boston Legal" really tore a new one for the DNC. While, I might add, giving more information about how little our votes mean to them than all the cable crap has ever given.

Becki Jayne said...

I just watched her on O'Reilly. Good god she was marvelous!

Yes, chinaberry turtle, she WAS marvelous. AND presidential. She took charge of whatever Bill-O threw at her and came off good-naturedly, confident, in command. She was excellent. Got a few excerpts and the video links via Taylor Marsh.

Looking forward to tonight's second half.

Unknown said...

You all are marvelous!

I never would have imagined there were such cheerful, friendly, woman positive and hillary supporting bloggers out there in the internet wasteland.

you just made my day, thanks!

go hill go

Anonymous said...

"Even elected and caucus delegates are not required to stay with whomever they are pledged to."

Is THIS what a democrat sounds like?