Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

Here is my cat, enjoying a warm patch of concrete while she surveys the yard for birds.



Shainzona said...

Meow. Meeeeow. M. E. O. W.

Timmy B (our kitty!)

Anglachel said...

Grrrrrrrr! Phft! Phft! Snnnaaarrrrllll. [high pitched scream that will wake the dead]

My kitty, upon meeting another kitty. Alas, she does not play well with others and remains an only cat.


Chinaberry Turtle said...

the orange splotch is very pretty. I used to have a short haired cat that was solid orange with a big dog-sized head. Very ugly. But a touch of orange is just right.

Shainzona said...

Ours, too. She was a rescue kitty - had been in the shelter for two years...but I sing to her all of the time (poor thing!) and she adores us now (we've had her 2 1/2 years)- Always head butting me in the face and making biscuits.

But no other cats allowed!

orionATL said...

from my experience with, and love of, cats

a very sweet cat,

exhibiting the cat nation's calm, reflective pose,

perhaps with a shade of self-consciousness (the slightly lowered eyes), because she is being WATCHED by her human.

cats do not like being watched (petted, yes).

for cats,

everything is on their terms.

i long ago learned to tolerate, and love, the animal and that attitude.

a happy picture.


Other Lisa said...

Awww....I had a tortie who look a lot like this kitty...they are definitely characters. They don't put up with any guff!

gendergappers said...

Veronique was only 97 when I met her and her cat Keisa in 2005. Watta cat! but you can see for yourselves because she was delighted to have me make a blog where she told of the remarkable cat and her door knocker.

Then she pulled out her photos of other cats and wrote even more for me to post.

Veronique still hale and harty in a home for assisted living nearby.

She loves to get comments.

gendergappers said...

Oops - should have mentioned that you have to scroll down all the cats to get to Keisa and her remarkable door knocker - but it's worth it.