Sunday, May 04, 2008

Paint, Camera, Action!

Since nothing new is going to happen until Tuesday, I've been ignoring politics the last few days in favor of doing stuff around the new house.

The sunroom is almost done, and there is now a place for the spousal unit's guitars. The room has great accoustics. A "shoe" has to be installed, which is the little strip of wood that covers the edge of the flooring and backs up to the baseboard. Because of the way this house was constructed, the baseboard you see in the picture is cement, not wood. Then we have some book cases to put in here.

The tile floor in the masterbath has been installed. We need a little more tile to finish the room, but the darn stuff is on backorder. We purposefully went with very colorful ceramic tile rather then the usual 12" squares of tumbled travertine marble as this is more in the period style. The toilet and shower enclosures have arched on the entries as was common in houses of this period.

To hold all our pots and pans, we went to IKEA and got one of their stupidly named but incredibly functional tables to serve as storage and work area in the pantry. The wooden butcher block cart has been with us for almost twenty years, since we hauled it home from a Lecter's in the back of of a New York City cab and assembled it in our tiny third floor walk-up in Little Italy. The stainless steel number is the IKEA find. Good grief but that puppy was heavy to haul home!

And here is my newly painted study! My camera is kind of crappy, so the colors are skewed. The walls are in between salmon and melon, and aren't nearly as orange as they look here. The ceiling is more a peach than pink color.

Here's the hallway. The linen closet is original, though newly painted, and we got period style reproduction amethyst colored glass knobs annd handles for it. We even got the same kind of latches for the doors as was in the original. They are still made.

The last picture I posted of the bathroom, the medicine cabinet wasn't installed and the lights were upsidedown. Also, the trim needed to be finished. We're making progress. The cabinet is original. The painter stripped 12 pounds of old paint off it.



Shainzona said...

Very nice.

How do you find time to blog?

eRobin said...

GORGEOUS!!! Just beautiful. Congrats :)

Pat Johnson said...

I love it, particularly the bathroom floor! Thanks for sharing and yes, when did you get the chance to blog? You always write so well, nothing slapped together.

orionATL said...

love the colors, the tile, and

the light.

your seems like a house with really nice light coming in.

Unknown said...

Very, very nice...good colors which most struggle with.

The M.C.'s history serves as an apt metaphor for The Magic Man's campaign.

'Jes slap another coat o' paint on it. Not like anyone will notice'

But as Ol' T. Jefferson knew....

They do notice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Always go with the colorful tiles and the heavy sinks. We are in the same profession and on the same side. I also designed my home by myself, with a lot of help from the wife.

Are you considering more work on the kitchen? (Being the cock, I like the kitchen to be efficient and not football stadium size as practiced by the creative class.)

Judith said...

Lovely home. It's so rewarding to do this yourself. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. I do not think I have ever posted a comment on your blog before, although I read it every day. You write so perfectly about the political situation we are in, so I just sit here and shake my head in agreement.
This particular post has me decidng that I must do something about my linen clost, which is exactly the same as yours, but not refreshed! thanks, I think....

streetcar said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. A nice little aside from the political arena. Speaking of which, I love your journal entries. Yours are the ones I most often send in their entirety to the wonks in my life.

Anonymous said...

I really like your study! Your house is coming along great. Congratulations :)

Anglachel said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone! :-)

I spend entirely too much time blogging. If I spent more time on the house, I'd be further along.

Please don't think we're doing all this ourselves! We have hired some incredible craftsmen from the neighborhood to do the tile, the painting, restoring woodwork, and so forth. The general contractor who oversaw remodeling the kitchen and master bedroom has lived in the neighborhood his entire life. we have learned an amazing amount talking to and watching these guys transform the place.

lakelobos, the kitchen is a "3 butts" wide galley - two cooks to either side with room for a guest to walk between without bumping anyone. Just right for convivial cooking.


Cathy said...

Love all of it.

But I especially envy the bathroom floor. Good job!!

Unknown said...

I really enjoy seeing the progress of your home. You are doing such a great job restoring it. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but the green color of your sunroom and bathroom is exactly the color I have been looking for. If you would care to share it, would you send me the name? Thank you.