Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teddy Kennedy

I had been sitting in a programming training class most of the day when I opened up the NY Times to check news while on a break. The lead was Teddy.

The news of the possible stroke over the weekend was troubling, but I am devasted by this. The tumor he is suffering from is the same thing that killed my beloved father-in-law just over two years ago. I pray that they caught the thing in time because they grow quickly and kill horribly.



Jet said...

Part of the reason why these malignant gliomas are so bad is the fact that by the time they produce symptoms, it's already too late.

Pat Johnson said...

Teddy Kennedy and the Kennedy family have sacrificed so much for this country and given so much as well. My thoughts and prayers are with him.
Best wishes, Sen. Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts for a real veteran lion of the old style liberal America. No one else does so much for the sick, poor, oppressed in this country as does Ted Kennedy. We need him to continue the work.

(There is plenty of hope; in 92 I was given 3 years to live.)