Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Will Derive

Sometimes, when life gets too serious, weird is exactly what you need.

I Will Derive!

Extra points for setting Leibnitz to disco.



Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it. I was always partial to the chain rule and division of derivatives which is


Oh, lord, in a couple of years, I will have to learn this all over again with my soon to be teenager.

Anonymous said...

My solution is optimal, what I forgot, I'll learn from my mathematician son. And politics from my labor organizer son (we take out leftiness seriously). The advantages of advanced age!

Unknown said...

But remember, alcohol and calculus don't mix - NEVER drink and derive.

Shainzona said...

Love the video - my husband and I were dancing all over the room!

Hey, here's a vrery complex, but interesting post on BO's "Buyer's Remorse."

Anonymous said...

When out hiking, I sometimes find myself in deep sand or other kinds of muck. In those instances, I move to more solid ground looking for an easier trail to follow.

In the past few months, I've begun following the same strategy with political blogs. Rather than hump through the deep stuff I'm looking for clearer and more reliable surfaces to follow; I don't have time for logical quick sand and slippery reasoning. Anglachel's Journal definitely falls into the kind of easy to follow, hard surface paths I prefer. It has become a daily stop for me. To make room I deleted links to several political sites I've wasted many hours wading through in the past. This will free up lots of time. I may even get back on friendly terms with my family.

Loved I Will Derive. My association with calculus was bumpy at best but this video brightened up my day. Now all we need is a way to derive a clear winner from the messy Democratic primary.