Thursday, June 05, 2008

Attention Commenters

Update: I have weeded out the more egregious comments. Some that are left won't make a lot of sense because of the missing statements.

No comments attached to this particular post will be displayed, though I do thank everyone who sent in a vote of confidence.

This blog is where I post my opinions about stuff, mostly political stuff. You want to pontificate? Blog sites like this are free. Get one and knock yourself out, just like I'm doing. I'm not really interested in "building community" as much as I am in making people think. As I said in the past, don't assume I agree with you because I said something you wanted to hear, and likewise don't assume we have nothing in common because I don't say what you want to hear. We disagree today, but may have a lot to discuss tomorrow.

I'm going to get tougher about the comments. From now on, they will be treated more like letters to the editor, where only something that catches my imagination will get published. If you have an interesting point, whether in support or in opposition, I'll release it and probably give it some follow up. What do I think is interesting? Go look at where I've replied in the past. Go look at the things Chinaberry Turtle, lakelobos, missplcd, Cathy, Riverdaughter, OrionATL, Namo Mandos, CMike, CutePeachPanda and other regular commenters have said. They ask questions, disagree, offer alternative views, dig up excellent links and generally expand the posts in good directions.

If it's just "Yes, I agree!" I will be glad for the affirmation, but probably won't publish it.


Comments have been turned off for the last few posts. They may or may not get reactivated.

Comment moderation has been turned on for all posts from here on out.

I am on my lunch break at the moment and don't have time to weed out the comments from this morning. Rest assured a bunch will be gone tonight.

I'm not going to have my blog turned into a cesspool of insults, flame wars, and tit-for-tat BS. I am not here to have Obamacan trolls spew the same old lies that are refuted again and again. Hint, repetition of your talking points does not make them more true. I am not in the mood for racist, anti-Muslim rants on these pages. I have no intention of allowing my comments to be used as billboards for other people's long winded agendas.

Regular commenters, I'm sorry you're getting put holding bin with the idiots. Please post and know I will read every comment. Expect comments to be approved in the evenings when I have time to look them over.