Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not Dead

Not even locked out.

I've been dealing with a lot of real life issues the last two weeks, which hasn't given me much blogging time. Also, there hasn't been a lot to comment on. I know a number of pro-Hillary bloggers have been targeted for shut down by reporting them as spam sites. I don't know whether to feel relieved or insulted that the Obamacans haven't tried that on my blog, but I have already reserved my Wordpress blog, just in case.

Overall, the trend I am seeing is that, with Hillary out of contention, the Blogger Boyz have abruptly noticed The Precious is not what they have claimed him to be or, rather, they are finally having to acknowledge that we HRC supporters were right about the mendacious little bastard all along. Which simply points out that they were more interested in defeating Hillary than in supporting a progressive candidate. What a surprise! Not.

Then there are the fundraising issues dogging Democrats. The DNC is about ready to hold bakesales, Obama is seriously underperforming his targets, and support groups are not getting money by order of The Precious. Polls aren't looking too hot, either.

It's going to be a long summer.



Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Obama is underperforming in fundraising, hmmm?

I know I'm not the first one to suggest this, but I wonder if, without Obama's knowledge, many of his "bundled" contributors were Republicans or their sympathizers, who would now, of course, not want to give more--now that they've accomplished their purpose of saddling the Democrats with the Democratic candidate who is most vulnerable to the GOP's proven "culture-war" politics?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think they just inflated his figures before. Someone bends over and picks up a penny, and it turns into another one of the squillions of contributors ...

What a farce that guy has been from the beginning. What a goddamned farce.

OTE admin said...

Of course the Republicans were heavily involved, both in the dirty tricks of the crossover voting in primaries and caucuses and in the media coverage.

There is NO other reason that can explain WHY Obama is the nominee. He should have been out of the running long before Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Susan, he is the Democratic machine candidate. They saw what happened in 2004, and they got the shit scared out of them. Dean was the outsider, and he showed them two very important things:

1) There's BUTTWADS OF CASH to be made online, and
2) There's a lot of people out there panting for a "revolution."

So they found their puppet and marketed him as if he were the sparkly outsider. This allowed then to rake in the money, and let the kids think they had had their revolution. They want to "take control" and have their little power trip?

Fine, we'll give it to them -- let them think they had their way, and get their money besides. He was a sham and a marketing phenom from the word go.

The whole thing has been like the opening of the Simpsons where Marge is driving the car and Maggie has a little toy steering wheel in front of her. They think they're at the wheel, but they are a bunch of kids who are being taken for a ride.

He was marketed like this from the start; he was never a Republican candidate. He was the Democrats machine puppet from the start, to get their lukewarm controllable nobody nominated, and let the kiddies think they picked him.

They had to kill Clinton off for that; she had too much clout to be anyone's puppet. But she was ready to be the presumptive nom this year -- so they had to get their little toy soldier and push him forward too soon.

Barely worked -- they bent and broke every rule they had, and he still only barely squeaked in.

Happily, his best game is well behind him. He gamed caucuses and won on proportional awarding. From now on, it's winner-take-all and direct voting. No more caucuses to hack and no more proportionally awarded delegates to steal. Winner-take-all and ballot boxes.

He's toast. And it's gonna be schweeeeeet ...

Anonymous said...

Hope real life becomes less urgent and less difficult soon.

My view of Obama doesn't come close to being a puppet. If anything he is fascist-lite. He has clear designs of taking the party over and forming his own version of it that fits his fascist-lite view. He has the thugs, the disinformation machine and the grand standing for nothing fascists typically have.

A lot of Obama's money came, those are some reports I read, from Wall Street sources. The sources are centrist Democrats that need him to legislate and regulate in their favor. Wall Street interests are contradictory to the interests of most Democrats as is Obama.

I am not buying the conspiracy theory that the money comes from Republicans. Obama, after all, represents the better off and rich Democrats. Remember, the poor were expelled from the Democratic coalition.

Personally, I could care less if the KOSes and Joshes are unhappy with Obama the reactionary. For me they are beyond the pale, fascist-heavy, semi-smart a-holes.

A French presidential candidate in the 80s was asked to evaluate his two rivals. His response was along the lines of: you have a choice between Aids and Brain cancer. Well, that's about what this poor country has in 2008.

We are likely to get Obama. My son the politician, he is still very very young, has promised me that McCain will implode by himself. The signs are that my son is absolutely right. McCain looks more and more like a lost senior citizen, i.e. myself.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm not surprised that Obama isn't meeting his targets. There are a couple of things in play here. First of all, let's face it, the price of gas has cut into a lot of people's discretionary spending.

Beyond that, however, is the fact that many of Obama's donors were first timers. Their devotion is to him and no one else. They were giving to HIM, and are not in the habit of giving to any other Democratic candidate or organization. The DNC, DSCC and the DCCC might as well be from outer space to these donors. To Obama's donors they represent the "status quo" do they not? His supporters see him as the "non-status quo" candidate.

His donors also expected to only be giving him money in the primary. This flip-flop of his over campaign finance has left many of them with a bad taste in their mouth and a lock on their wallets.

I also agree that there was a lot of Republican money going into his campaign, and that money will dry up sure as the sky is blue.

gendergappers said...

Happened to us just last week. We've been sending out a weekly newsletter to hundreds of subscribers here and abroad for years. Then suddenly this week, our ISP, comcast, shut down our outgoing mail.

No explaination, no response until we contacted our Secretary of State and sent comcast a copy.

First they tried to say it was our mail program, Eudora, that was at fault, then after more prodding they admitted that we had been charged by some unidentified people of "sending spam".

Our newsletter for was started for the many who only have e-mail and have no, or limited access to the Web.

We have always clearly stated how to unsubscribe, subscribe or comment with our address in every single post sent to our subscribers.

We also have noticed an increase in subscriptions that apparently are the people who made the spamming complaint against us.

We feel certain we are being targeted for shut down by the same cretins attacking the blogs but we intend to fight tooth and nail.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

NW Luna said...

Yeah, many of BZero's contributors don't like his policy switcheroos now that's he's been selected as nominee. They'll think twice now about sending him their hard-earned cash. Also the primary's over, and their need to defeat HRC is gone. They lost the pop vote anyhow! No surprise the $$$ are drying up. A few articles in the MSM getting out now on BHO fundraising openly from the big dollar types.

Anglachel, stay strong. We need all the voices of reason we can get!

HenryFTP said...

I suspect even the more jaded of Hillary's contributors are not exactly falling over themselves to line up to contribute to Obama, and even less the DNC, DSCC and DCCC.

Even among the real "pay to play" crowd, they can't be very enthusiastic about forking over money to Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi, given their rigging of the nomination process, the ugly way they tried to shove Hillary (and the contributors' investment) out of the race, the less-than-subtle suggestions that said contributors were disloyal at best and racist at worst, and above all, the clearly flawed judgment of the Party Leadership regarding the strength of Obama's candidacy for the general election.

In the end, these contributors won't sit out entirely -- the appeals to Party loyalty will be strong (many of these contributors are old Yellow Dogs), and the machine arm-twisting will be stronger -- few people in this crowd enjoy the political wilderness, and it's been bad enough these past 7 years.

But so long the Obama team persists in thinking that he doesn't need to win over Hillary's supporters with a slogan any better than "I'm better than McCain," this just won't be as smooth as they thought it was going to be.