Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Get Letters

The votes are in and the comments are closed.

55 opinions. 2 think this is just a run-of-the-mill whacko with no actual political affiliation, but in dire need of medication. 2 think it could be a McCain supporter, but are not certain. The 51 remaining voters think this is an Obama troll and cite the general graciousness of McCain supporters towards Hillary voters, the use of texting slang, the repeated use of the word "bitches" (Republicans prefer "cunt" after all), and the references to the campaign, which Obamacans are still obsessed with as they know they haven't actually won it.

"I sure hope you bitches doesn't vote for my Candidate McCain...U represent nothing..u are a bunch of loosers who can't handle the truth. I wonder how many of you have failed marriages uh...failed jobs uh...Us republicans don't want you bitches to corrupt our party. We have values and believes which you all don't have. Hillary was the bitch..she ran a terrible campaign...but as usual bitches stick together..can't handle the truth, then blame someone else...get over yourself. Our country was build on values, but apparently u all don't have any. Stay away from our party you bunch of loosers. " Sent by McCain08

Okay, is this an Obama troll or a delusional McCain supporter? Place your bets in the comments!


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