Sunday, June 15, 2008


The new name for the Democratic National Committee:

Obama Idolaters National Committee

All lined up at the trough, ready to scarf down whatever swill The Precious dumps in.



Shainzona said...


Perfect imagery!

gendergappers said...

... the little piggies cry whee whee whee.

Someone posted about being concerned re SCOTUS. Suggest reading this blog posting that came in our Sunday paper. It's about Dean, BO and women's right to abortion.

Here's what caught my eye: "But both Dean and Obama already have embarked on a subtler effort to acknowledge and appeal to the millions of Americans for whom abortion is a moral wrong."

Also an interest quote from Dean in 2005. In one of his first speeches as chairman, Dean in 2005 told the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union the Republicans "have been kicking our butts for a long time" on the framing of the abortion debate.

"If I could strike the words 'choice' and 'abortion' out of the lexicon of our party, I would," he said.

The elections of Childers and Cazayoux were not happenstance. Although the Democrats' abortion rights wing remains prominent and powerful, the party under Chairman Howard Dean has been in expanding-tent mode on social issues like abortion almost since he took the job more than three years ago.

Peregrine said...

Excellent renaming, Anglachel.

Did you get a chance to read historian Charles Lemos' piece on the Bolshevikization of the Democratic Party. It was posted on NQ but also on his own site. I think you'll appreciate some of the comparisons.

lori said...

What a crazy election. It's like the losers are doubling down their bets, gambling that Clinton was the problem for the Dems all along.

If nothing succeeds like success then no one fails like losers, I guess. Birds of a feather.

Peregrine said...

Anglachel, I'm looking for an educated answer on this and hope maybe you can shed light. In a post on NQ today, Susanhu writes:

"Today, I looked up the history of the 1988 presidential race between Michael Dukakis and George W. Bush. This LEAPED OFF THE PAGE at me — the DELEGATES’ VOTES at the national convention:

1988 Democratic National Convention[8]
Michael Dukakis - 2,877 (70.09%)
Jesse Jackson - 1,219 (29.70%)
Richard H. Stallings - 3 (0.07%)
Joe Biden - 2 (0.05%)
Dick Gephardt - 2 (0.05%)
Lloyd Bentsen - 1 (0.02%)
Gary Hart - 1 (0.02%)

We fear — and the rumors are flying all over the Internet — that Howard Dean is seeking to eliminate a floor vote and to remove Hillary Clinton’s name from the ballot at the National Convention.

Whenever people are not allowed their VOTING RIGHTS under the rules of the Democratic national party, there will be bitter divisiveness.

As we see from the history of the Dukakis nomination, delegates for other candidates were permitted to vote freely.

This is an AHISTORICAL FIRST! It is fundamentally undemocratic. It goes against all that our nation stands for."

Can Dean legally remove Hillary's name? Is this not protected under law?

I've been reviewing constitutional articles and party amendments, but can't locate an answer on this. If you can, please address this point.

Hype-Jersey said...

I'm under no illusions of the dems preserving the right to choose. The only candidate up on that stage who truly understands women's reproductive freedom is Hillary Clinton.

Part of Obambi's "unifying" means giving in to the whacko right on this issue. There are going to be a lot of women under that bus.....