Sunday, August 17, 2008

Above Reproach

As I've been reading posts and comments around the blogosphere, I've come across statements of frustration, even anger, that Hillary is very assiduously campaigning and fundraising on Obama's behalf even as the Obamcan Haters Club attacks her and Bill at every turn, the leaked memos merely the latest round of their fanatical derangement. Why does she keep helping this guy who has treated her and her supporters so shoddily?

There's a number of possibilities, all of which say good things about this amazing woman. First and foremost, I think it illustrates her incredible capacity for forgiveness, both personal and political. This is a political virtue without peer in a democratic order, because it is what allows opponents to continue to work together without tearing the polity apart.

This leads to the next reason, which is political practicality. In the morning, you have to get up and conduct the people's business, not obsess on your own desire for revenge. That your opponent is a petulant brat does not excuse you from your obligations. Hillary's dedication to her responsibilities as a public servant no matter the office is well documented.

From a more strategic perspective, this is a canny move on her part as she has graciously and very publically provided the Obama campaign with everything they have asked of her. She is conducting herself above reproach on every count, right down to exhorting her supporters to put their power behind Obama. The press and the Blogger Boyz may shriek it's not enough, it's all a sham, but the evidence is right there. You want to talk to my fundraisers? Here they are. You want public appearances? Tell me where and when, and I'm there. You want me to directly tell my supporters to vote for you? Done. She is not providing any opportunity for anyone to say she cost Obama a win.

Finally, I think it really comes down to her being a Party animal, who knows it is better to be in the White House than not, probably even more than the current "leadership" of the party can understand. It is her role and responsibility as a party elder and as the person leading the single largest group of rank and file voters to try to win every possible office for the Democrats. She evidently understands this far better than the preening idiots currently leading the party.

For all of the above reasons, plus whatever behind the scenes power plays that are going on (and the roll call vote strikes me as one of those plays coming to fruition), I am unsurprised by Hillary's performance since early June. I would expect no less than this from her. It is both personally honorable and politically astute.

Since I am a supporter and not a minion, and because I also have a duty to the conduct of my party, namely to ensure that it serves me and constituents like me with transparency, respect and attention to my interests, I can both respect Hillary's actions and decide for myself whether to support Obama and his faction. Until they can conduct themselves with the same level of excellence and party unity that Hillary has shown since Day One, the answer is No.

I remain a Clinton Democrat.



Anne said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this topic . I too remain a Clinton Democrat.

In the morning, you have to get up and conduct the people's business, not obsess on your own desire for revenge. That your opponent is a petulant brat does not excuse you from your obligations.

Indeed. Hillary is far too aware of what crap would be pulled if she went off in a huff....I saw a few weeks ago where in the Senate she stopped Medicare health care providers from getting a 10% pay cut...who else would or could do that?
Other Dems would wring their hands and then cave in....We need Hilary however we can get her.

Thank you for your writings

Life As I Know It Now said...

Well put and me too.

Still, when and if Obama loses you know there are going to be many who will blame Hillary for it. She is that powerful and a Clinton to boot.

orionATL said...

i share your view. i too am a clinton democrat.

personally, i intend to write-in senator clinton's name in november, at the same time supporting local and state democrats whom i consider good leadership material.

but the dnc, the dem senate campaign committee, and the dem congressional campaign committee won't get a dime from me now and for a long time coming.

at the same time, i have no probelem at all with senator clinton's working for her party and its nominee. in fact, that is what i would expect any first-rate national politican to do (with very rare exceptions) -

and clinton is a first-rate national political leader.