Monday, August 11, 2008

Pots and Kettles

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Russia's attacks against the former Soviet republic of Georgia have "substantially damaged Russia's standing in the world," President Bush told reporters Monday after returning from his trip to Asia.

Bush also warned Russia against trying to depose Georgia's government, saying evidence suggests Russia may be preparing to do so.

Bush said Russia's invasion of Georgia and the threat to Georgia's democratically elected government "is unacceptable in the 21st century" and has "substantially damaged Russia's standing in the world."

"These actions jeopardize Russians' relations ... with the United States and Europe," Bush said.

Bush to Russia: Reverse 'unacceptable' course in Georgia

Of course, these protestations would have a little more oopmf if Bush hadn't done the same thing to Iraq with even less cause. Just a thought...



Unknown said...

I seriously doubt me their is a person on this planet who would give a handful of spit for what George W. Bush 'thinks' or says.

And if they live in one of the ever expanding drought areas they probably would not part with that.

I will be decades before the full price we as a nation will be required to pay for his actions. I do believe that in future years mothers will wash their kids mouths out with soap if they utter the foul word,


BillyWitchDoctor said...

It is incredible, isn't it? Even the way Russia describes it...let's just say, I'm surprised Putin hasn't used the phrase "preemptive strike" yet.

And that's the only part that's incredible: that Russia and our own media haven't pointed out the obvious correlation between Russia's bogus attack on Georgia and the US's bogus attack on Iraq.

That Bush sees nothing wrong with calling the kettle black? That's no shock at all; that's just GOP SOP. He is pot. Pot is always right. It's only wrong when kettle does it. Kettle hates us for our freedoms. (*finger hovers over phone dial*) You're not a kettle-lover...are you?

madamab said...

This is exactly why you don't invade countries when they don't attack you.

The Bush Doctrine is an abysmal failure.

Way to go, neocons.