Sunday, August 17, 2008

Veepstakes Bet

Gov. Kaine of Virginia.
  • Will help with voters in VA, which becomes a must win state along with Colorado and Missouri to replace the lost delegates of Ohio and Florida. I don't think we will win either CO or MO, let alone VA, but that doesn't change the fact that they must be won. Will Kaine actually help? Not as much as Warner or Webb, that's for darn sure. Reports about Kaine's standing in VA leave me doubtful.
  • Is Catholic and anti-choice, so will appeal to conservative voters, or so the thinking goes. The Catholicism is not going to be a factor one way or the other, as Hillary was the candidate who has the Catholic support. The anti-choice stance will give Hillary voters that much more reason to stay away.
  • Is a bland non-entity who will not overshadow The Precious. Bingo, reason #1 for picking this guy.



R. S. Martin said...

I agree with you that it will most likely be Kaine, for all the reasons you cite. However, there is one other thing worth noting: Kaine has nowhere else to go. The Virginia governorship is a one-term affair, and the U.S. Senate seats aren't going to be open for him to pursue for a long time. Webb's seat won't be available for him to run for until at least 2018, and assuming Mark Warner gets elected (probably about as safe an assumption as we have this cycle), we can expect him to stay there a good long while as well.

The Democratic Party is obsessed with peeling off certain Southern states for the "right" reasons, i.e. taking advantage of the rise of the Whole Foods Nation demographic in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, as well as that in the Triangle region of North Carolina. Friends of mine who work for the party or its proxy organizations have spoken with glee over the prospect of eventually flipping those states for nearly a decade. Virginia looks as if it's within reach this cycle, so they're going to pull out all stops trying to win there. It's not just numbers, it's ego; they want a victory where they can thump their chest.

For their sake, I hope they put as much attention into securing Indiana, which I think will be the state that decides it this time out. It's traditionally as red as they come, but Obama's been able to maintain a slight lead in the early polling there. However, I'm not too sure how large or growing their WFN demographic is, so Obama, Dean, et al may not care too much about it. Mark my words, though: if McCain manages to get Indiana back in the GOP column, I've no doubt he'll be the next President.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you that his nominee will be anti-choice. But I'm leaning towards Hagel. What better way to make the coup complete but by selecting an anti-choice Republican as his running mate?

Barring a miracle, (and as a non-theist I mean that in a "delegates coming to their senses" way), I've come to the conclusion that my major party presidential choices this time will be between two Republicans.

What a disgusting state of affairs.

show me said...

I saw Kaine on, 'Meet the Press', along side Palenty. He came across as arrogant and kept talking about Obama's obvious intelligence. Palenty came across as personable, smart and talked about real solutions.This observation was probably missed by the ObamaNation their hubris has reached such heights, their sense of entitlement is blinding them to some important realities.I don't see them snapping out of it anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

With his statement, "I will win," it will be Hillary.

He can't do ANYTHING w/o her.

She should be the NOMINEE.

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be Kaine or Bayh too.

But now it looks like it could be Biden.

None of them will be able to change my mind.

Obama will lose Missouri, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, and probably Virginia.

How is he planning to win this election again?