Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Change in the Weather

Obama owes where he is right now to being the Media Darling of a fawning press. But the difficult part of being the media's darling is you are one until you don't look like a certain winner, and then you're TSOL.

There are two articles in the NYT tonight to take note of.

Old Friends in the Media See a New Side of McCain - the elite kiss-up kidz of the media are suddenly worried that they don't have immediate access to and cozy relationships with Mr. Maverick. "That Mr. McCain is behind these emphatic attacks has startled many, especially those journalists who have known Mr. McCain longest. “Probably no one in American politics over the last 20 years has had a closer relationship with the national press than John McCain,” said Albert R. Hunt, the executive Washington editor for Bloomberg News. " They don't like being shut out of the great food McCain always serves the press and they really don't like the prospect of losing out on juicy insider stuff in the winning camp.

McCain Policies Differ Sharply From Party Plank - strong resuscitation of the old lies about McCain being such a maverick. See, he isn't as scary as we thought. Darn, he's almost downright moderate! If they weren't worried about him winning, they wouldn't bother to burnish this image. "As a senator, John McCain holds a reputation for diverging from many of his Republican colleagues on core party issues. Now, as the party’s presidential candidate, his record and policy views are putting him at odds with the overarching party platform adopted this week." Of course, as Hillary and Paul Krugman have informed us (The Precious being far too busy kicking the Democratic female base in the crotch and making goo-goo eyes at Republicans to talk about policy), McCain's fundamental principles on the economy, domestic policy, foreign policy and national security are standard conservative fare. Like Obama, McCain can spout some strongly worded calims that he will stand up to this and make sure about that, but quietly fold and compromise away his "maverick" stance to the the radical right.

So, I think the big question to be resolved over the next week is who will be the media darling?

The MSM only backs a winner, even if they have to make one up.



Anonymous said...

I'm taking my bets on Palin:;_ylt=AtqYLVGUwf7GRsTOei9AdLWs0NUE

Apparently Palin is the new Obama. Guess when you're a celebrity without any substance, it's easy to become yesterday's news like an American Idol contestant.

jangles said...

I waver between hoping that someone will really bring about change and wondering if it just won't happen. I liked the body language of Sarah Palin and thought she knows how to deliver a speech. The Republican themes on taxes and big government and national security seem tired but she seemed fresh and spirited. I have to admit that I enjoyed the attacks on Obama and the artful way they were delivered. Big story for me was that she solidified that convention floor and they loved it.

Anonymous said...

Obama owes his darling treatment to more than his winning. First, the media hates the Clintons with intensity that resembles racism. The media and many voters sided with Obama simply because he is black. None of those two factors will change.

The media tends towards the Republicans not because the media are conservatives. I do expect the individuals to be quite liberal. They are scared of the Republicans. They don't like to be beaten over the head and the Democrats never hit them.

No Blood for Hubris said...

I don't like Palin. At all.

Media darling or not.