Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trudeau on Palin

As always, Garry Trudeau is way ahead of the pack on exploring the cultural zeitgeist.

Start here, and read through the week's comics, with the punch line in the Saturday strip.

The basic set up is that BD, a life-long conservative, has purchased a "Sarah Palin Action Doll" for his daughter Samantha (Sam). His wife, Boopsie, is troubled by this purchase.

In six strips, Trudeau manages to illustrate (in every sense of the term) the political and psychological impact of Palin on the national scene. It is spare, funny, and wince inducing. No point along the political spectrum is left unskewered. The Blowback comments show he has gotten under the skin of just about everyone and is being congratulated for positions he's not actually taking.

Trudeau demonstrates once again that he is one of the best political observers around.


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