Tuesday, September 16, 2008

That's Our Joe

From Charles Lemos' By the Fault, a wonderfully cringe inducing statement by Joe Biden:

The Republican party and some of the blogs and others on the far right, are trying very hard to paint a picture of this man, they’re trying the best as they can to mischaracterize who he is and what he stands for.

All this stuff about how different Barack Obama is, they’re not just used to somebody really smart. They’re just not used to somebody who’s really well educated. They just don’t know quite how to handle it. Cause if he’s as smart as Barack is he must not be from my neighborhood.

Yup, Obama's just too smart for you small town yokels to understand. You under edumacated people can't handle smart people. You mean like my paternal relatives who are wheat farmers in the wilds of South Dakota, with every kid a college graduate, all homes wired for Internet, and who can talk at length about the chemical composition of the soil? Those kind of small town people?

This is another data point in my thinking about where Howard Dean is trying to take the party.



janicen said...

Joe Biden is a smart person. I can't imagine what he was thinking when he made these remarks. Did he get chastised by Obama for complimenting Hillary and this is his way of striking back, or is this another example of Biden's occasional foot-in-mouth disease? So we're put off by Obama's education and intelligence? Really? Do I really need to point out the education levels and intellect of Hillary and Bill Clinton? We certainly weren't intimidated by either of them.

I think it's possible that Biden was trying to call those of us who don't support Obama, racists without actually using the term, when he makes reference to Obama not looking like someone from my neighborhood. Maybe Joe Biden needs to spend some time in small towns and neighborhoods accross America. My neighborhood has such a wide cross-section of races, religions, and nationalities, both gay and straight, that I honestly could not define what, "...someone from my neighborhood..." looks like.

I think Biden may be confusing the small towns to which he's referring to the gated communities he's used to hanging out in.

A little night musing said...

The only way it makes sense here is as an oblique way of saying "uppity" in the racist sense, and reminding people that Obama is, well, not White. Which I think is a really bad tactic, here and when Obama does it. ("They're going to try to tell you that I'm [...]")

Anne said...

Every time they let Joe out, he steps in it...I think the plan is to have it happen so often, eventually people won't notice

Prem said...

Oh, no, Joe---he's been infected with the Oblahblah's "clinging to guns and religion virus."

Why is that anyone who hangs out with BHO gets infected either with the "insult virus" or the "hate virus"?

Sheesh---BHO is truly bringing down the Dem. Party, down the toilet.