Monday, September 15, 2008


Still working on the party post. It's slow going.

When I got home this evening, there were two fundraising letters in the mailbox. One was for Obama and contained letters from Obama and Biden. The other was for the RNC and had a letter from McCain. In each, the letters totalled 4 pages, there was a donation coupon and a reply envelope, so approximately the same amount of junk per packet.

In the RNC sending, the Republican Party and the RNC are mentioned 24 times in the letter and another 12 times on the donation coupon. In addition, the letter mentions Democrats 7 times, 4 of which use the locution "Obama Democrats" anf three of which juxtapose "liberal" with "Democrat".

In the Obama sending, there is no mention of the Democratic Party, the DNC (except possibly a small code with the letters "DNC" as part of the code at the edge of the payment coupon), or of Obama and/or Biden's political affiliation. The word "Republican" is used once, on the last page of the letter.

Why is the head of my party, the party nominee for the presidency, not even mentioning the party in his fundraising letters?

When did being a Democrat count as something unmentionable?


PS - In response to the unhinged Obamacan who instantly commented that my possession of a McCain fundraising letter proves I am in the tank for McCain, the previous owner of my house was a Republican and is still on the mailing lists. Thus, I get all the junk mail from both parties. Oh lucky me.


Shainzona said...

My spousal unit remarked the other day as we drove by political yard signs littering the landscape..."But what party are they with?"

I noted that in the past couple of elections, Republicans failed to ID themselves. This year, it's Dems who are hiding.

We are therefore left to judge all candidates based on their marketing efforts (never a good basis for truthiness) and then go into the voting booth and look at the party line and hope we remember the name of the person who appealed to us.

Why in the world would a downticket Dem not want to be labeled a Dem - in a post 8-years-of-the-worst-president-ever era?

Because they don't support Dem policies/principles?

If they don't support my principles, then I don't support them.

red rabbit said...

I received a fundraising letter from Candace Bergen asking me to donate to the Democratic Party to ensure the election of Democratic candidates in November, but there was not one mention of Barack Obama.

Unknown said...

Obama doesn't mention the party because he believes he's bigger than the party. You're not donating because he's a Dem. You're donating because he's Obama. Your loyalty is to Obama. Not to the party.

Historiann said...

All you have to do to get mail from Republicans is give the Democrats a boatload of money. They know who are the major donors because it's public information, so they solicit money from the people who clearly have it to give away.

I got a Christmas card--the official White House Xmas card, mind you--from George W. Bush in 2004. I'm not sure that it wasn't taunting me. (My other thought was that they might have thought I'd like to donate money to the winning team, just in case I'm an unscrupulous realtor or businessperson who needs to have friends in high places...)

janicen said...

I used to get mail from the Republicans all the time. They misspelled my name the same way it was misspelled on the mailing label from some Omaha Steaks I had received as a gift.

I thought that Omaha Steaks had sold it's mailing list to the Republican party, but someone explained that the Republicans were using a sophisticated system to target potential donors based on their buying habits. For example, people who subscribe to particular magazines or make certain high-end purchases might be potential Republican party donors.

hipparchia said...

i get stuff from republicans all the time. on purpose. i troll their blogs too.

research, baby, research!

pm317 said...

Anglachel, Obama thinks he can get Republican votes this way. But who is he kidding, right? The luckiest guy in all of this is Bush. He is getting away with murder, as it were. No mention of him or his atrocities for the last 8 horrendous years. I think you said it best in one of your earlier blogs about Bill Clinton framing it so well and so succinctly that the first 6 of last 8 years were a reflection of what would happen if the presidency and the congress were all in the hands of the republicans. But the Democrats are not holding Bush accountable and it is a mystery to me why not.

Mike J. said...

I get Obama junk mail with disturbing regularity, even though I always send back the envelope with a short statement explaining why I won't vote for him, let alone donate money to him.

My name on the envelopes is misspelled in the same way as it is on my New York Review of Books I get through subscription.