Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How is the House Coming Along?

Well, since last I commented on the house, back in Spetember, we've been making progress in fits and starts. It has been a lot of little things that have suddenly added up:

Every window in the place has been restored, with new glass, new frames, and new casements. We have also had all the doors stripped and sanded, and all the hardware cleaned up.

In the kitchen (be sure to check out the demolition photos from the last post), the interior electrical and plumbing is done, and the gorgeous finishing work is well under way. This arch will be over our stove. A beautiful French door has replaced the ghastly metal security screen door. Under the window at right, there is now a custom wood bench with open storace spaces below the seat.

Cabinets are mostly in, and need finishing work. The big labor yet to be done is the tile, which is going to be gorgeous. The floor has been done in true, old-fashioned linoleum (not vinyl) in a color and pattern very close to the original floor in the house. That was wrapped up yesterday.

In the back bedroom, we have our french doors, plus paint, crown molding and a brand new oak wood floor. The floors throughout the house were stripped yesterday and today, and will eb stained tomorrow. They look incredible.

The yards are still a mucky mess, we've got some water seepage in the basement (that's next on the to-fix list), and the exterior is still the ugliest mustard yellow color you've ever seen, but we're getting there. Due to my recent computer hardware impolsion, I lost my Photoshop program so ahven't had a chance to update my photos. I'm trying to get that problem solved over the weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Granted, I don't know a whole lot about houses, but those pictures made me go "oooh, pretty!" I can see why you're excited.