Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yes, What You Said it Means

The Clinton campaign has just posted a very cheeky news release titled "What Does Nevada Mean" It is composed entirely of statements by the pundits made before she was the winner, when everyone thought it was Obama who would take the caucuses:

CNN's Don Lemon - 'A victory in Nevada could be huge for the winning campaign.' [CNN, 1/17/08]

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough - 'Boy, I’ll tell you what, a Nevada win would be very big for Hillary Clinton.' [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08]

NBC News' Andrea Mitchell - 'Clearly, if she were to pull this off in Nevada, that is a big win for her.' [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08]

MSNBC's Chris Matthews - 'It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one... she’s back in the lead big-time.' "It just seems to me if Hillary Clinton wins this one, after all the hoopla and hopes in some quarters about Barack Obama winning two in a row... that she’s back in the lead big-time." [MSNBC Hardball, 1/18/08]

Newsday's Glenn Thrush - 'Nevada is a vital, if not essential, prize for both candidates.' [Newsday, 1/18/08]

NY Observer's Steve Kornacki - 'Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does.' "Barack Obama needs Nevada more than Hillary Clinton does... it’s Obama’s best - and only chance - of turning February 5 into something other than a fatal draw." [, 1/18/08]

Obama National Feild Director Temo Figueroa 'The Nevada election is going to come down to: Whoever gets the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, more than likely, is going to win Nevada' [Politico, 1/10/08]

So, I guess this means the various pundits will acknowledge on tomorrow's talk shows that Hillary just won a big one? I suspect a lot of goal posts are going to be uprooted and relocated tonight. As usual...


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