Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tea for Two

I have a few questions for Golden Boy Barry.

If what Hillary Clinton was doing in the White House for 8 years was "serving tea" and should you be so lucky as to win the presidency:
  • Will Michelle Obama just be "serving tea", too?
  • Do you want your wife to be a First Lady like Hillary or like Laura Bush? Why? (Be specific)
  • How do you characterize the conversations you have with Michelle about politics, policy, etc.? Are they substantive? Do you have such conversations with her?
  • Will your wife be a key advisor to you on executive matters? Why or why not?
  • What do you expect Michelle to do as First Lady? Will it count as "experience" and of what kind, if any?

I'd ask more, but I think he wouldn't be able to get through these.

Overall, what Obama (and all who insist that 8 years of policy wonkery doesn't count) is doing is more than trying to rule out the obvious experience that HRC gained in her White House years. He is trivializing the ways in which women act upon the world through informal and indirect channels, denying the role they play and the modes through which they influence processes that shut them out.

Elenor Roosevelt served a lot of "tea" in her day, and the nation is a better place for it.


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