Saturday, January 05, 2008

Slowly Back Online

I have had to replace my old computer rather abruptly in the last week. While it's fun to have a fresh sparkly new toy, it's a pain in the patoot to get it configured and to migrate data.

I've decided not to move over my old Outlook files. I will retrieve and archive them, but I want a clean slate on the email front. If you want to be added back to my address list, send me an email. If you sent me an email before Janauary 1, it is lost in the ether and I won't be answering.

Getting the development environment working correctly is a bigger challenge because my old box was a server, but the new one is an XP workstation, so can't run certain software the way I want it run. Thus, all the web sites - and their development databases - are still on the old server.

I did make a professional decision that I won't be doing any more ColdFusion development going forward. I love the language, it is easy as pie to code in, but it just isn't supported widely enough by ISPs to make it worth my while. Also, my company is moving over into .NET in a big way, so I've decided that I am going to bite the bullet and dive into ASP.NET and C#. It will be a challenge of the right kind.

I ordered the machine with Office 2007 (Office 12) preinstalled. Oh, boy but is this swoopy! I love it. That was worth the upgrade.

As for Iowa, Obama is hardly an upset. He has been pimped by the press and the Republicans for a solid year while bashing Hillary for all their worth. The real news is that HRC was the majority first choice candidate in the caucuses - and that no other state allows people to vote twice.


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