Friday, March 14, 2008

Long Week

I've had a tough week at work with a big project that won't wrap up for a few weeks, so I haven't had much blogging energy the last few days.

Also, I'm watching the Pastor-gate blowup with great curiosity. I'm not as certain as others that this can put a stop to Obama's campaign (there's a lot of momentum sending that train over the cliff), but I do know when I've seen something that will end any general election hopes he may have. At this point, I think bile will fuel the rest of the election season as the nomination becomes overtly what it has always at base been about - preventing Hillary from winning.

If she gets the nomination, she gets the White House. Why? Krugman explains:
I used to think that the major issues facing the next president would be how to get out of Iraq and what to do about health care. At this point, however, I suspect that the biggest problem for the next administration will be figuring out which parts of the financial system to bail out, how to pay the cleanup bills and how to explain what it’s doing to an angry public.

Betting the Bank
The economy will be going down the drain by November and McCain won't have a clue of how to handle it.

I've got taxes to prepare and a lot of housework to do this weekend, but I've got a post percolating along about Electoral College math and why it all comes down to Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania if I can find the time to write it. Short answer:
  • Win two - Democrats lose
  • Win three - Democrats have a chance
  • Win four - Democrats win


gendergappers said...

President Hillary Clinton! Has a nice ring to it. We've been watching and noting how the media reporting on the Rev. Wright affair are cosseting their boy, BO, giving all sorts of excuses.

But was pleased that one, Jonathan Alter said what we were thinking, that is that BO flat out lies when he claims he never heard Wright say things like those now heard and seen. Other members of the congregation and other ministers from other churches say Wright says things like that in nearly every sermon. BO claims to be a regular church goer so he would have had to have heard them.

We've also noted how BO and his defenders say guilt by association isn't right and a candidate should not be blamed for what supporters say. Oh my, then why was HRC shat upon for this very thing countless times? The old familar double standard raises its ugly head again. Amazing how they pull it off with nary a blush. And now they are going after HRC's experience claims, hoping to put the liar onus on her.

sas said...

I'd love to see Hillary in the White House.

Nancy Pelosi's latest comments are not helping.

First, she said the Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama ticket would be impossible, and then that the popular vote winner (probably Hillary) would not be the nominee, it would have to be the delegate winner.

Now, neither will have the 2105 delegates outright to win. So the superdelegates will have to decide.

How would they decide? Pelosi is so smug about it, that I think she and others know something we don't.
(Has this thing already been decided, and they are leading us along, making us think our vote matters? )

Dean, Brazile, and the others at the DNC have mismanaged this whole nomination process so badly, that I have no confidence in them to resolve this in an even handed way.

If Hillary gets the popular vote, and they award this to Barack, it'll be Bush/Gore all over again. Gore (Hillary) wins the popular vote and "the deciders" award it to Bush (Barack).

If it is awarded to Barack in this way, surely the Democratic leadership would not be surprised if Hillary supporters just stayed home this election.

I know a good many "sisters" who would say that would be like patting them on the head and saying "there, there, get over it dearie, ". And it would not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

nomination becomes overtly what it has always at base been about - preventing Hillary from winning

You started it for me. Troublemaker!

Anonymous said...

sas: What the hell is up with Pelosi and why does she hate Hillary Clinton so much that she is willing to do anything to help Obama win? This is getting ridiculous. I never trusted her to carry out the wishes of Democrats after she took impeachment off the table almost immediately. She is looking out for herself and I don't expect her or Dean to do anything that will help Clinton actually win this nomination fair and square. If MI and FL (and I mean both states, not just one) are not allowed to revote or seat their delegates I won't ever donate to the Democratic Party as long as Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile are running things.