Wednesday, April 02, 2008



And the world just got a lot weirder. In a good way.



Betty44 said...

I agree!

"Huzzah for the tunnel!"

Betty44 said...

I commented without introducing my self, is that ok? About a month ago I found Taylor Marsh's site. I used to read the Huffington Post and get so discouraged. I commented once and got so beat up I figuratively hid under my bed till I read a post by Taylor Marsh, it was like water on dry ground. I followed her home and from there found your site, and now you have given me the delightful FAFBLOG - thank you.

Patsi Bale Cox said...

Thanks for the link. I then linked to that LA Times piece about the unfunny-ness of prison rape jokes and comments. A GREAT article.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Marsh is having a Guest Post Extravaganza the weekend of April 11-13th. You can submit a link to a post you'd like Taylor to publish on her blog here: