Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At Last

It was a day to celebrate in San Diego today, home to one of the largest GLBT communities in America, as marriage was finally opened to all people. From the SD Union-Tribune:

For years, Peter Storniolo told himself it was just a piece of paper. It didn't mean anything.

That changed Tuesday morning after he traded marriage vows and shared a long embrace with his partner of 19 years, high school teacher Paul Esch, in front of about 30 friends and family members.

“We never thought we needed it, but these last few days thinking about it, it's kind of weird how important it's become,” said Storniolo, 43, a woodworker who lives in Golden Hill. “Nobody can take it away. Nobody can tell us it's not there.”

Scenes of gay couples exchanging vows, rings and kisses across the state marked a watershed moment in the battle for gay equality that many compared to a 1948 state ruling that lifted the ban on interracial marriage.

County's gay marriages go off without a hitch

Some counties, such as Kern County, in California refused to allow any weddings to be held rather than allow any gay or lesbian couples to be married.

Earlier in the year, one of my co-workers tried to get me to sign a sheet to get the anti-gay amendment to the state constitution on the June ballot to qualify it for the November ballot. She absolutely believes that gays being able to marry is an infringement of her civil rights. Sadly, the initiative did go through and will be up for a vote in the fall. This is a widespread attitude in California and will bring out the haters in November. It could turn the state red because of an otherwise apathetic electorate.

To keep California blue, the Democratic voices need to be unified and adamant that this right will not be overturned. We need "No" votes to defeat the haters. Who is going to be a strong voice in defense of this right?

Who will defend the civil rights of these couples?


Update: And more fun pictures, courtesy of the LA Times. Plus one of my dear friends is getting married next month!


Unknown said...

Well we shall see. We've certainly got some great Dems here. Take a frikin' bow Gavin Newsome. Remember when he was '..destroying the party...' with his assertion that LGBT folks are citizens too?

What a concept.

Yo! Barry, what say you?

Never mind I don't really want to know. Ya know?

As for all the 70 year olds out in Kern county? They can have their perverse opinions...

Battle's over. The youngest generation have spoken and they see no problem with a LGBT friend.

Now we need to get to work on educating the citizenry about...

Taxes and policy.

And no I'm not implying the LGBT fight is over.

But the outcome is no longer in doubt.

Shainzona said...

You're right - this issue will bring out the haters and turn the election on its head in CA.

Hmmmm, now let's see. McCain will be against gay marriage and get those additional red votes. And BO will be....where will BO be, that's the big question.

I guess we can ask Gavin Newsom.

Once again, Obama will be asked to stand for something. Anyone want to place bets on another vote of "present" - with a flowery speech defending both sides of the issue?

lori said...

Hey, A. Citizen,

Leave the ageism in the previous century where it belongs. This is a right vs. left issue - not a young vs. old. Don't saddle people with stereotypes - it's not productive.

Other Lisa said...

Gavin Newsome may have his faults but he is a political hero for doing the right thing.

And San Diego Mayor Jerry Saunders may be a big bust in many ways, but I really appreciated his change of heart on same sex marriage last year. When people from that political place start making those kinds of affirmative statements, you know that things have really changed.

I am happy to be a Californian, that's for sure!

Anna Belle said...

Thanks for the link to the photos, Anglachel. I wept as I viewed them. It's been far too long of a wait for some of those people. Others died still waiting. I'm so glad those folks can get their relationships validated now, and they will have access to all the benefits, such as health insurance and the right to inherit.

Also, thanks for responding to my private comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for more photos for me to look at. It's been fun and gratifying to look at various "newlywed" photos over the past few days. Yesterday I wore my "it's ok, it's only love" pink Tshirt (with m/m m/f f/f symbols below). Wish it was also happening in Illinois.


orionATL said...

good -

as a society we move forward slowly. this is a small step forward in terms of human kindness and of equality.

Anonymous said...

It's About. Fucking. TIME.