Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back Online

We've been having work done in my study (and it is now painted a lovely shade somewhere between salmon and melon) which has meant my computer has been under a plastic drop cloth the last few days. Also, one of the connecters on the coaxial cable was broken, so there was no InterTubz in Casa de Anglachel yesterday evening.

While I'm catching up on my politics, please take time to visit some of the fine blogs listed to the right. I've added a few new ones that have caught my fancy lately. Give your traffic to people who are fighting back against the homogenization of Left Blogistan by offering insightful, cogent, cranky and challenging views. The Blogger Boyz have abandoned any pretense of being part of independent political thinking, so here's where it's at. I have a short blogroll, so be sure to check out the sites these other bloggers link to. There are amazing treasures out there, waiting for you.



harpie said...

It seems we have similar taste in colors, Anglachel...that's one of my favorite combinations, too. We have a lot more than that in common, but you express it a whole lot better than I do...and I really appreciate that you say it outloud here.
Thanks! and I hope your beautiful new space is a fruitful one.

Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Not to be a blog whore or anything, but if you're updating your blog roll you might consider adding a rabidly pro-Hillary dog blog to your list. I'm a proud old bitch who recently discovered your blog and greatly admire what you're doing -- Just added you to my roll, in fact. Your stuff on "the Precious" is brilliant and inspiring.

cls said...

And I just wanted to add a belated "thank you" for adding me to your blog roll. I am honored to be there. Your blogging is fantastic and really cuts to the heart of the matter.

May I also second that you add roxie?