Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bush - Abandoning Responsibility

This can't be said enough. Bush is on record that he will do nothing until he can high tail it out of town in January 2009, and leave his stinking shit pile in Iraq for someone else to clean up. Josh Marshall remains the clearest voice on this point:

Am I sure this [setting a timetable for US withdrawal from Iraq] will work? Not at all. As I've written at various points over the last couple years, this is the root irony and tragedy of the situation we've gotten ourselves into in Iraq. We are both the glue holding the country together and the solvent tearing it apart.

But President Bush's policies are not only failing. He has shown by words and deeds that he's given up on doing anything else but holding on with the status quo until he can unburden himself of his responsibility for the situation in January 2009. He has no policy or plan but denial.

Bush is President Cut and Run. He is going to put US troops into a meat grinder for three more years because he is unwilling to face reality, then he is going to run back to Crawford, leaving the next President - who is going to be a Democrat - to pick up the pieces.

The person who actually faces the hard task of disengaging the US from Bush's Forever War is going to be smeared by the Rethugs as some kind of anti-American, anti-military coward who is runnign away form US commitments. The good puppy press will yip and yap, repeating this bullshit, and neatly sidestep the truth that it is a debacle of Bush's making, one that has materially harmed the nation.

The fight against this meme needs to start now. This is Bush's War, fought on his terms, and he is responsible for the resulting mess. Worst. President. Ever.


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