Tuesday, June 20, 2006

George W. Bush - King of the Cut and Run

Remember the Rethug strategy - take your own weakness and accuse the other guy of having it.

Who is the cut and run king of America? None other than George W. Bush.

This is the guy who simply gives up and walks off when things get tough, counting on his daddy's connections to protect him from any penalties for his feckless behavior. Worse, he doesn't pay attention to important things, preferring to live in his own fantasy of what the world should be. Hence, the inattention to the PDB warning of Osama's impending attack. His lack of curiosity about anything that matters, like global warming. The obsession with invading Iraq, even though there was absolutely no reason to do so - no strategic reason, no security reason, not one iota of rational justification.

So, we invaded a country that was no threat to us and allowed the murderer of thousands of Americans on American soil to skip away. And now there are two more Americans, soldiers tortured and mutilated in ways the authorities will not even describe, dead because of Bush's War.

What about Afghanistan? Cut and run on that one, baby. It's not "fun" any more. Commander Codpiece doesn't get to strut around and pretend he's some kind of tough guy with great backdrops, so he's pulling our troops out. Opium production is rising, the Taliban is resurgent, and Osama is thumbing his nose at us just over the Pakistan border, but Georgie doesn't want to play this game any more.

What about New Orleans? Cut and run on that one, too. And after all those photo ops! The Big Easy is the Big National Shame, but King George has high-tailed it out of town.

Compassionate conservatism? Not just run away, but he turned it into road kill under the squealing tires of the get away vehicle.

And now the biggest cut and run of them all - Iraq. His own glorious little war, fought on his terms and with no limits on money, power, or support. What a stinking mess Georgie Porgie has made of this. He's already cut and run, letting it be known that he isn't going to do one damn thing different, just let the clock run down until he can scurry out of town.
  • How many of our soldiers are going to be tortured to death because Geroge W. Bush doesn't have the balls to admit he was wrong?
  • How many more billions are going to be poured down the open rat hole of Iraq while we're in a holding pattern?
  • How many more Hadithas must be endured while the Rethugs line their pockets with million dollar kickbacks from lobbyists?
  • How many more arms, legs, eyes, and organs must our soldiers lose so that the neocons can save face and cover their asses?
  • How many more Iraqis will be killed by American weapons, creating an unending stream of news the jihadists gleefully use to jsutify their own butchery?
  • How much American blood must be spent before the media whores will act like journalists?
I guess we'll find out when Bush leaves the White House in January 2009 and runs for Crawford, leaving the brutalized and mangled remains of the republic behind him.


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