Monday, June 26, 2006

Three Winning Candidates for Democrats

I posted earlier on the three winning issues for Democrats. Here are three winning candidates who neatly map onto these issues:
  1. Al Gore (and here)- The environment, of course. Who is offering alternatives to the "hide their heads in the sand, more of the same" behavior of the Rethugs? Al, in perfect, wonky truth. He has always given a damn about our shared world, and will be not just an American leader, but what the President needs to be, the world's leader in the face of this threat to human survival. He isn't just an activist. He has grappled with the issues of ecology and human development for decades, and understands how you cannot sacrifice one for the other. He will give every last ounce of his soul for this.
  2. Wes Clark - Military strategy and thinking of how to save our butts from the quicksand of Iraq. Good old President Cut and Run is just itching for the day when he can hand over the keys to the White Hosue and smirk at the new occupants "See ya, suckers!" As angry as that makes me, the truth is, like the truth of the environment, we have no choice but to deal with the mess. This situation will need to be handled by someone who can think and act intelligently for both political and military advantage. We also need someone who will be an advocate for the veterans the neocons are using up and throwing away liek toy soldiers.
  3. John Edwards - One America, and restoring dignity and security to ordinary citizens. By far, the worst crime committed by the neocon hordes is the impoverishment of people who have to work for a living - small business owners, blue collar trades, service sector, and, increasingly, office workers. The transfer of wealth to the top sliver of the society (Bush's "base") has left those below stretched to own a home, raise their kids, pay their bills and cover basic medical care. Edwards has made this his issue, declaring that America can and should end poverty.
These are the core issues for Democrats. While the party can disagree about the best way to address these issues, this is what matters - our environment, our security, our families. These are leaders, intelligent and commited people who are both progressives and realists, who have deep expertise in these issues, yet also have broad backgrounds in other matters. They are curious about the world and care about the fate of other people. They stand for something, and are ready to fight for those beliefs.



Anonymous said...

Rounding out your excellent assessment....

Wes Clark is not only steeped in military and diplomatic knowledge. He has a keen interest in technology and the environment which can be checked out at

Anglachel said...

Hi Gloria,

I have read great reports and transcript excerpts on his participation on the science panel at YK06. I also know he is a published author (needing no ghost writer!) and a military historian of some repute. I'm not as familiar with his environmental stance, but I'm not surprised to hear that it is as substantial as his commitment to science.

He's a team player as well as a leader, intelligent and engaged, and someone of great personal courage.

It is a pleasure to support Wes Clark, as well as Al Gore and John Edwards. When so many politician's best argument is "I'm not a scummy as the next guy/gal," it is refreshing to have people who stand for something that is bigger than partisan mudslinging.


Anonymous said...

When Wes was a base commander, he won an Autobon Award for helping save a rare turtle by not allowing a swamp area to be developed. Since then unfortunately, other military types have invaded this sanctuary.

Wes is also stong on social issues. A Base Commander (he was one several times) is like the mayor of a town. And as Commander in Chief of the European Command (his dual role while Supreme Allied Commander) was like being the governor of a state with hundreds of thousands of troops and their families (medical, education, housing, etc.) to deal with. And as Supreme Allied Commander he met with heads and representatives of states and was very much like a head of state himself. Wes has been their with leadership.

Anonymous said...

Anonomous is Uncle Noel of CCN.