Friday, June 23, 2006

The Three Winning Issues for Democrats

I think there are three, if you will, master issues for Democrats that are inter-related and should strike a chord with the average American, and it is all summed up in the brilliant catch phrase - More of the Same:
  1. Bush's dead-end Forever War. Lie and die. Running out the clock. Bush wantd this war, he got it, and he has fucked it up beyond belief. There are conflicting views on how to deal with it, but Democrats have to be united on the overall message. The President screwed this up and now he's trying to run away. The Rethuglicans are going to use the bodies of soldiers - leaving them weary, maimed, even tortured - as election props to pretend to be tough.
  2. Environmental disaster. The Administration treats global warming the same way it treats US soldiers - something to ignore, and hope you're out of office before it gets too hot. Science, education and good-old American know-how need to be mobilized to save the planet.
  3. Working class dignity. Forget "NASCAR" and talk living wages. Talk about legal immigration and enforcement of labor laws. Talk about health insurance. Talk about not wanting our children to be sent off to pointless wars or suffer from an irreparably degraded environment. Talk about affordable housing. Talk about changes for the better of all Americans, not just the lucky few "have mores" at the very top.
The Rethugs are the party of the status quo, of dead ends, and ducked promises. It's not just that Democrats have a new direction. It's that the current regime can only promise more of the same.


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