Saturday, June 17, 2006

More Numbers for the Beast

Iraqi blogger Ishtar presents the fundamental atrocity being perpetuated upon Iraq by the US:
More than 300 Iraqi professors in different kinds of specialization killed in Iraq just because of Bush war against terror, the entire Iraqi people should die for the sake of this filthy war, why Iraq is chosen to be the battlefield for the war against terror? And why the Iraqis have to pay the price of New York attacks though none of the defendants was Iraqi?!!!!!!!!
Why, indeed, was Iraq chosen as the neocon promised land? That is the question the Cheneyites do not bother answer, for the answer is simply "Because." The thousands of men, women and children who have perished in this power experiment are murder victims. There is no "noble cause" in this invasion, as might be teased out of the occupation of Afghanistan, since the US invaded Iraq for no reason other than "Because." Because it was there. Because we wanted to. Because we didn't like Saddam Hussein. Because Afghanistan wasn't big enough. Because we don't give a rat's ass about the so-called War on Terror, we just want to blow shit up. They killed people, Americans and Iraqis both, because they could.

Americans need to understand that the damage has been done. There is no "saving" Iraq, and certainly no "winning" there. There is only unlimited mayhem and butchery until the most powerful have dominated their desired territories. Probably not even then.

Again, repeat after me - there is no saving this situation. The neocons went in and destroyed all limits, all constraints, all civilization, in order to show that they could. It wasn't a mistake - they damn well knew none of their excuses could stand up to scrutiny - and all that mattered was getting in there and making their psychopathic fantasies real. Now that it is done, they sit back on their gore-spattered haunches and grin.

Mission Accomplished.

Please, bookmark Iraqi Screen and read what Ishtar has to say. It is immediate and unfiltered, sparing no side, faction or interest that stands against peace and civility.


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