Saturday, June 24, 2006

Kitty and Beer

She's beginning to climb up on things, now, so I think her rear legs are getting stronger. We have a beer box in the hallway near the door to the kitchen (What? You *don't* have a beer box? Cretin...) which is her favorite perch when we are doing things back there. We call it the "Treat Box" since she waits there for us to put treats into her food dish, out of the way but able to keep an eye on it all. She is able to climb up on it now, and actually slept there for a few hours.

The kitty makes sure the party doesn't start without her.

I think she misses high places. This is a cat who thinks nothing of jumping to the top of the china cabinet and playing gargoyle.

Last night, I put her on the bed next to me when it was time to go to sleep so she would be able to cuddle without having to be held. She was gone when I woke up about two o'clock. About 6, she decided it was time to get up, so she climbed up onto the bed (a good height) and stomped on my head, meowing loudly.

The beer, by the way, is a local San Diego brewer. It's larger and more commercial than a craft brewery, but still small and with attention quality. The Amber Lager is only available locally. Here are a few of the local brewers that I like.
These are just a few of the larger brewers in San Diego, and ones with a large enough distribution people outside the area might be able to get their hands on some bottles.



Anonymous said...

Good news on the kitty front, and good to know that there is American beer that is *not* like making love in a canoe...

- Nath

Anglachel said...

Making love in a canoe? Haven't heard that line before. How is bad American beer like making love in a canoe? Or am I best off not knowing?

Yes, kitty is better and has figured out how to climb up onto the coffee table where she can make a nest out of the papers and magazines scattered across it.


Anonymous said...

(usually attributed to Monty Python)

"American beer is like making love in a canoe; it's f*cking close to water..."

Does knowing that make you happy? (no, don't answer that...)

Ah, cats and paper; see, those papers do have a higher purpose after all...

- Nath

Anglachel said...

Snicker - all I can say is, yup. I never understood beer's appeal until I went to Europe on a student tour and happened upon the real thing in Switzerland. Benjamin Franklin once said that beer is proof that God exists and wants us to be happy, which was the most persuasive proof of God I've yet read.