Thursday, June 15, 2006

Partisan? You Bet Your Bippy

An interesting constellation of related events:
  • Holy Joe makes loud noises about bolting party
  • Chuck Schumer makes stupid noises about throwing DSCC support behind Lieberman as an Independent if Lamont wins the primary
  • "Bullmoose" Marshall Whittman offers a lecture about putting country before party, using Lieberman as an example
Definition of partisan:

A member of an organized body of fighters who attack or harass an enemy, especially within occupied territory; a guerrilla.

Our government has been occupied by a corrupt, kleptocratic regime that is destroying the viability of the nation though incompetant management of domestic affairs and a psychotic foreign policy. To refuse to be partisan - to fight in defense of the nation - is to knowingly align yourself with a criminal regime, one that approves of torture and arbitrary search and seizure, that is spying on citizens without warrant or cause, that wishes to continue a bankrupting war of choice against an innocent nation, and that hopes to reduce America to the condition of a Latin American oligarchy.

Fuck this shit with Lieberman. If the bastard bolts, he needs to be cut off. He is no longer one of our party. Period.

The current "poll" being tossed around, the one showing Ned Lamont with a few points of Lieberman, is not worth anything because it offers no explanation of how the pollster got the answer, by the way. The Q poll of a week ago showing Lamont at 40% among likely voters is a stronger and more believable measure.

You can have as nasty a primary fight as you want, but once the dust settles, everyone toes the line. If somone says they won't, out they go.

Party and country. That's what hte Rethugs keep saying, after all.


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