Saturday, June 17, 2006

Latest Rasmussen Poll on CT Senate Race

The latest poll that has the blogosphere a-twitter is a Rasmussen poll. It shows Ned Lamont with 40% and Joe Lieberman with 46% support. Words of caution on this one:
  • Incredibly small poll sample - only 218 voters sampled
  • They do not present the question(s) asked
  • They themselves acknowledge that the margin of error is 7%, which puts Liberman up into 50%+ range
  • They do not distinguish between likely voters and registered voters.
Even so, taken in conjunction with the recent asinine activity of Holy Joe, this continues to be highly promising for Ned Lamont. I will not feel certain until he polls consistently over 50% among likely voters, or until Lieberman is known to be collecting signatures for an Independent run. Preferably both. If Lieberman bolts the party, he needs to be shunned by all Democrats.

Did anyone else notice that the decisive downturn on Lieberman's fortunes followed Josh Marshall's sober, measured, and devastating criticism of Lieberman on TPM on June 9? Consider how and why his words were effective.

Trying to make party insiders pledge to support Lamont against Lieberman in the primary is stupid, if for no other reason than you don't want to encourage the party bigwigs to think they have a right to pick favorites in a local/state race. Save that energy for when Lamont wins, and you have something very real to hold over their equivocating heads.

Chuck Schumer, are you listening? Is you is or is you ain't a Democrat?


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